W2TV: Canada Day Redress Rally 2011

Sixth Annual Canada Day Redress Rally Monument to Chinese Railway Workers and War Veterans in Vancouver

The following screenshot photos are from Sid Tan’s video below:

Below is a photo of Libby Davies, Vancouver East MP speaking

Below is a photo of Vancouverite Gim Wong, a Second World War Air Force veteran and Canadian-born son of two Chinese head-tax payers. Last year on July 1, Wong did a trial run on his motorcycle to Craigellachie, B.C. This year, he left Mile 0 at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria in June on a cross-country ride to raise awareness, promote support, and take a petition asking Ottawa to compensate Chinese-Canadians for the $23 million collected from head-tax payers by paying $21,000 to each survivor and by starting a compensation negotiation process for descendents.

Below is a photo of Irwin Oostindie of W2 speaking

Below is Cease Wyss and Kat Norris

Below is Gim Wong

Below is Sean Gunn

Thanks to Head Tax Families Society of Canada for organising folks and W2 Media Cafe for hosting the luch and cabaret. Food was from Foo’s Ho Ho.

Thanks to Kat Norris, Cease Wyss, Karin Lee, Gim Wong, Roy Miki, Sean Gunn, Jordan Paterson, Andrew Lau, Trevor/Matt Chan (No Luck Club) and Irwin Oostindie who spoke and/or performed in the afternoon program. Special thanks to the HTFSC volunteers and W2 staff and volunteers who made this an amazing and fun day.

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