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AHA MEDIA is pleased to be Media Sponsors of Vic Bender – A man living in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside and his gig as a pianist on Carnival Destiny Cruise Line

April 22, 2009 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA is very pleased to introduce Vic Bender  – a man living in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, who is preparing to go on his 6 month journey on the high seas as a Pianist for Carnival Destiny Cruise Line 🙂



Among the fabulous exotic tropical islands, Vic will be traveling to will be the Bahamas and Jamaica! 🙂


Vic Bender, is preparing a wide assortment of music including Bob Marley and Santana to play for his audiences on the cruise ship 🙂


AHA MEDIA  is pleased to give Media Sponsorship to Vic Bender! We will be  documenting his 6 month Cruise Ship journey and helping  to build his own site at

. In this way,  we may all enjoy his tunes and follow him through his tropical work/vacation! 🙂

Bon Voyage Vic! 🙂 We wish we could come with you! 🙂