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“Have Seniors Got Rights?” by Daniel Grosso – Senior resident in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

August 28, 2011 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA recently received a letter from Daniel Grosso asking for donations towards his Pancake Breakfast program in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Please read below:

“Have Seniors Got Rights?”  

Penned by Daniel Grosso on August 25, 2011

Well fellow readers, this “old” senior citizen to take up a pen again and write about injustice toward us elderly residents of our “fair” province again. Besides getting older what have we done to become a lost race?

This article is being written because of a project that a young woman started and I’m carrying on because I believe in this project. Her and my crew have made it grow from feeding around twenty people to over seventy. And you say a senior cannot make it happen? If a door opens and we can start a project such as this, where can it go but ahead?

There is a problem tho, it is called money. Everything goes up in price except pensions. They stay at a low rate, you know. Don’t give a senior too much as they may just squander it trying to help others who are less fortunate then us “older dumber” seniors are.

Don’t forget, I came just after the “Ice Age”.

If you wish to sympathize with me and find about our breakfast program, please write to me as I have no computer

Thank you for reading this

Yours truly

Daniel Grosso

Note:  You may write to me to donate to the Pancake Program for folks in the Downtown Eastside

Daniel Grosso

Apt 514

131 Hastings St West

Vancouver, B.C.

V6B 0G9