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Regal Place Hotel Fire in Vancouver DTES on Dec 19 2015

December 20, 2015 Leave a comment

What is the worst situation you can think of when it comes to Christmas time? How about losing your home and everything in it? For the residents of the Regal Place Hotel in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES), this is the case. For the rest of them, they are out of a place to live until the building can be made habitable again.

Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at home when I heard fire trucks pull up in front of my apartment building (I live in Woodwards across the street from the Regal). I looked outside to see flames shooting out of the windows of the Regal and smoke billowing into the air. I pray to God that no one was killed or badly injured in the fire.

What are we going to do about this tragedy? Ask the city for more social housing? Ask our politicians to change the laws regarding low income residences? Both these things are important but in the here and now, we have people out of a house to live for the holidays. Can we become Santa (or Ms Claus) for the season and help these people? A warm blanket, a hot meal, a kind word, or a jacket would go a long way to making someone’s holiday livable this Christmas

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