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AHA MEDIA is pleased to meet Peter Conway who speaks about his friend Tara McAteer and Truckstop Dining Society who helps feed Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

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AHA MEDIA is very pleased to hear from Peter Conway who speaks about his friend Tara McAteer and Truckstop Dining Society who helps feed Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES).

Today, Saturday July 25th at Crab Park, there is  Free BBQ and Live Music from 12 Noon to 7 PM

This was filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a Nokia N95 mobile cameraphone. April is passionate and skilled in making Nokia films by exploring mobile media production through the camera lens of a cellphone. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter.

Free Bbq in Crab Park 500


For the last three years, Tara McAteer has worked part-time in the film industry in the Craft Service department. Her job is to provide a constant selection of beverages, pastries, healthy snacks and light meals to a crew of 100 non-stop for a 14 hour work day. She works out of a one tonne truck loaded with a full facility kitchen that is parked on set.

 Our small, grassroots organization, Truckstop Dining Society, is the byproduct of having access to a film food service truck and looking for ways in which to use it to benefit people who need food. In 2007, Tara decided to do something different for Christmas. On Christmas Eve she placed an ad for help on Craigslist and started preparing food. The next morning she drove the film industry food service truck to the Downtown Eastside, joined by two strangers who answered her ad, and fed hot turkey sandwiches to nearly 200 people.

 Despite services already available, there is still a need for wholesome, easily-accessible meals not just at Christmas, but year round. This year, we took the film industry food service truck to Oppenheimer Park and with the help of executive chefs and local dignitaries served Easter dinner to over 1,100 people.

 Although there are hundreds of hungry people who appreciate a hot meal, we believe there is a greater need in our city-the need for unity and more inclusive community. We feel that sharing food is an important step to breaking social barriers, creating community and de-mystifying this area of our city. We hope through providing meals to those who are hungry and those who want to learn more, together, we can look more closely at the issues of the DTES.

AHA MEDIA is very proud to present CABARET L’AMOUR FOU!Thursday, July 23rd and Friday the 24th at The Russian Hall, 600 Cambell Ave in Strathcona area of East Vancouver

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Dusty Flowerpot

We , the Ancient Rugged Revival, in association with The Dusty Flower Pot Cabaret  do cordially invite you to an evening of delectable theatre and revelry…. . .. .


Casting anchor down on weathered docks,
the Ancient Rugged Revival arrives

Is it a band, or is it a play?
Is it a vaudville act or a didactic fable?
A barrage of sailor’s songs,
tap dancing,
shadow puppetry,
erotic mumblings,
gale storms and mutiny


Thursday, July 23rd and Friday the 24th  
we present  
 at The Russian Hall, 600 Cambell Ave in Strathcona 
with dancing to follow and cash bar throughout .. . .
Come aboard at 8:30, show at 9:30

Tickets $15-25 sliding scale 
Buy in advance online:

CABARET L’AMOUR FOU! offers up a 12-person spectacle of genre-bending collaboration by East Vancouver’s Ancient Rugged Revival.  Recently returned from the Montreal Fringe Festival, here is what folks have been saying about this viewer-rated FESTIVAL TOP TEN performance:

 “Impossible to resist……don’t miss this loopy show”  — Montreal Gazette 

“Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant… hilarious… truly entertaining.” — The Montreal Hour

“Over the top joyous and maddening as love itself”  — The Montreal Hour

Dusty Flowerpot 1

AHA MEDIA is very proud to present Traces: Projecting Neighbourhood Stories July 24-25, 2009 in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

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Traces: Projecting Neighbourhood Stories

July 24-25, 2009, 9:15-11:00pm

various venues along 400-block East Hastings

between Jackson and Dunlevy

August 1, 2009, 9:15-10:30pm

Woodland Park

as part of the Powell Street Festival


Traces to activate and illuminate Hastings Corridor

It’s only a few days until a stretch of Vancouver’s East Hastings Street will be animated and illuminated by Traces: Projecting Neighbourhood Stories. The latest community art project from Media Undefined, Traces is inspired by the Strathcona and Downtown Eastside neighbourhoods, their people, and their stories. The project will be unveiled in a series of outdoor screenings on the evenings of July 24 and 25.

For the past several months, teams of artist mentors and youth interns have been interviewing merchants, seniors, and longtime residents in the neighbourhood and turning their stories into works of video, animation, and shadow puppetry. Participants have been struck by their common interests, including the role of food in the neighbourhood (which boasts a number of thriving community gardens), and the relationship between people and architecture. That latter relationship will be a central focus for the project’s shadow puppetry play, which will animate buildings through the stories of people who live there. The multi-lingual video component of the event will zero in on stories of people from the four corners of Hastings and Jackson. The stop motion animation piece features the story of a neighbourhood resident and his dog’s neighbourhood wanderings to reflect the type of conversations and interactions artists and youth have been having through the project.

AHA MEDIA is proud to announce that our Director, Hendrik Beune’s image has been made into a puppet form and has a hilarious story in Traces: Projecting Neighbourhood Stories!!


Venues for the event, all located along the East Hastings corridor, are the storefront window at the Patricia Hotel, the empty lot at the corner of Hastings Street and Jackson Avenue, and outside the Chapel Arts Centre on Dunlevy Street. The work will also be presented at Woodland Park as part of the Powell Street Festival on August 1. And in September 2009, Traces will travel to community gathering places throughout the neighbourhood including schools, libraries, and community centres.

Traces is being developed by Media Undefined’s Jaimie Robson in partnership with the Strathcona Community Centre. Robson and mentoring artists Tamara Unroe, Madoka Hara, Diana Leung, along with Alicia Horner and Hoi Bing Mo, are working with a team of youth interns collecting stories from  longtime residents of the neighbourhood. Paul Bennett is producing a short documentary about the project. Youth interns for the project are Alicia Anderson, Lisa Cao, Jane Chow, Jessica Coccimiglio, Leticia Coutinho, Ernst Klaussen, Faber Neifer, Robin Prince, Geoffrey E A Vincent, and Patrick White, and Maggie Winston. For more detailed information on the project, visit

Pivot Presents Justice Rocks on Aug 29, 2009 in Strathcona Park in East Vancouver

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Justice Rocks

Justice Rocks 2009

On August 29, Pivot will host the second annual Justice Rocks music festival in Strathcona Park. Justice Rocks aims to fuse music and pop-culture symbols with engagement in social and environmental change in a relaxed, family friendly, fun atmosphere.

“We wanted to hold an end of the summer party that brings together music and ideas for social change,” said John Richardson, Executive Director of Pivot. “Music has always been an important medium for expressing the importance of values like justice, and we wanted to bring that to the heart of East Van.”

So come out and enjoy the music, the food, the park, the social change and each other. Check out the website to learn more about the festival and how you can get involved as a participating non-profit, a volunteer, or a business sponsor!

April Smith of AHA MEDIA reunites with RJ Dempsey for another photo together!

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Over a month ago, April Smith was photographed with RJ Dempsey to participate in Pivot’s Hope in SHadow 3 day photography contest in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES) where the theme was ” Heart of the Community”

RJ and April

We are proud to say Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA  photo of RJ and April is a finalist in Pivot’s Hope in Shadow  Top 40 photos out of  5,400 photos taken !!

Peter Davies and his photo of RJ and April

Today. RJ Dempsey and April Smith reunite again to take another photo – this time in color!

RJ and April - Pivot Hope in Shadow