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AHA MEDIA at Katy Perry concert in Vancouver – California Dreams 2011 tour!!!

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Many thanks to Glenn Letham and Virgin Mobile Canada for the wonderful chance to attend the most fantastic Katy Perry Concert in Vancouver!!!

Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA’s thoughts:

We had the opportunity on Tuesday to attend one of the concerts of the year in my opinion; Katy Perry at Rogers Arena. 13,000 screaming teenage girls (and only about 100 boys) gave Katy a very loud Vancouver welcome as she finished her California Dreams Tour at Rogers Arena. We got a nice little warmup from Janelle Monae and DJ Skeet Skeet (who did a few of Katy’s songs but DJ style) and then got towatch a nice video clip of Katy in the not so long ago age of Black and White video. This video continued throughout the concert allowing Katy to switch between sets beautifully and seamlessly. From the Cotton Candy smelling arena to Cotton Candy clouds and Lollipop stairs, the whole concert was a feast for the senses and a real treat for anyone who has been a fan of Katy. Flawless and Fantastic!!! Probably the highlight of the night came when Katy invited people from the crowd up on stage to dance with her. One very lucky girl posed with Katy for a photo that reporters are describing as the “best profile (Facebook of course) pic of the year” (Georgia Straight). The sights were great and especially fun was the huge gumball machine which if you got a white gumball, would upgrade your seat for free. Amazing times!!  A lifetime of memories in one night to be had for all, especially lucky me, I had no lineups for the mens washroom.