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7 Q and A at Experiential Market Panel at Day 1 of O’Cannabiz Vancouver on Dec 10 2018

December 24, 2018


In this video: Alex Shiff, Amber Craig, Anne Forkutza, Rob Hendrix, Nick Pateras, Ian Dawkins


They’ve abandoned the black market for legal product. Now customer satisfaction means everything. And there’s a long list of ways we can directly affect that – positively or negatively. These include: pricing strategies (which can be low enough to torpedo illegal sales or high enough to sustain them), long-term price unpredictability, supply-chain problems and product shortages, and a generally friendly retail experience (whether face-to-face in a bricks-and-mortar dispensary, or in a user-friendly online site). LPs also face the challenge of targeting their promotion to customers’ needs, providing the product experience they’re looking for and differentiating themselves from the competition. This session offers experts who know “the market” as people, and who understand how they think and what they expect. Moderated by: Alex Shiff


Alex Shiff
Senior Consultant, Navigator

Amber Craig
VP Marketing, 420 Premium Markets

Anne Forkutza
VP of Customer Experience, Cova

Rob Hendrix
Owner, Cannabis Central LLC

Nick Pateras
Vice President, Strategy, Lift&Co

Ian Dawkins
Co-Founder, Althing Consulting, President of the Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada

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