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W2 and AHA MEDIA at 6th Annual Fair in the Square 2012 in Victory Square, Vancouver

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W2 , Fearless City Mobile and  AHA MEDIA had an amazing time meeting friends, old and new during the Fair in the Square by Central City Foundation.

W2 drew a lot of attention from interested people who came out to enjoy the day  We were able to share a great deal of information about what W2 is all about including upcoming events and summer camps!

It was a beautiful day to be outside and meet other community minded people and organizations who support our neighbourhoods in a positive way.

W2 is all about community and it was wonderful for W2 to be a part of the Fair in the Square!

VCC supplied the amazing BBQ and Cupcakes which everyone enjoyed. Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association gave out discount passports encouraging folks to explore the neighbourhood!

Highlight of the day was a special performance by Juno Award Winner Moka Only!

The audience was thrilled to see such an excellent high energy music talent play in Victory Square!

Lianne Payne dances with the W2 Sign during Moka Only’s concert

Hendrik Beune and April Smith of W2 and AHA MEDIA with the “Most Fabulous Moka Only!!

Grand Opening of Bosman Hotel Community Library in Vancouver

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Jeff West, Project Manager of the Bosman Hotel Community with April Smith and Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA announce the Grand Opening of the in house library for the residents to enjoy!


Michelle Demers was the special guest of honour! She is a screenwriter, photographer, university lecturer and published author who donated some fine books including her own “Baby Jane” and “The Global Indie Author: How anyone can self-publish in the U.S. and worldwide markets”

Doug Ferris, Peer Employment Coordinator of the Bosman Hotel and other Community residents happily cut the ribbons to finally open up the bookcases for everyone to start reading!

Special thanks to everyone who made this possible especially Angelika Sellick of DTES Adult Literacy Roundtable , Megan Langley of Vancouver Public Library, and Kolin Lymworth of Banyen Books & Sound who donated new books to Bosman Hotel Community Library

Thank you to Banyen Books and Sound for generous donation of books for new Bosman Hotel Community Library in Vancouver

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The Bosman Hotel Community Residents are so happy and grateful to Banyen Books and Sound for their generous donation of books!

Spiritual books on meditation, mindfulness, prayers, peaceful affirmations and uplifting stories enrich the minds and hearts of our residents!

Many heartfelt thanks to Kolin Lymworth of Banyen Books and Sound for selecting the special books for us to enjoy! We are so honored!

The Banyen Books were placed on special shelves of great honor to be displayed before the Grand Opening of the Bosman Library!

Residents could hardly wait to read and share with their friends and families!

The beautiful Banyen Books and Sound store in Vancouver!!

Kolin Lymworth of Banyen Books and Sound with April Smith of AHA MEDIA with a great selection of donated books for the Bosman Hotel Community Library

Richard Czaban of AHA MEDIA with Kolin Lymworth of Banyen Books and Sound with boxes of donated books!

Banyen Books reviews with some choice titles!

Beautiful books with thoughtful messages of inspiration and wisdom!

Wonderful fascinating books to help educate!

Books to help one dream and live life to the fullest!

Some amazing Banyen Books ready to be borrowed out!

Bosman Hotel Community Library “Please return” labels to be put on these special books!

Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA placing labels on the Banyen Books.

Residents thoughtfully discussing topics from the titles of the Banyen books!

Tim O’Brien of the Bosman taping up the Grand Opening of the Library party poster!

Ribbon Cutting ceremony and delicious treats for the Grand Opening of the Bosman Hotel Community Library!

April Smith and Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA and Bosman Hotel Community holding two excellent Banyen Books!

A special note to Kolin Lymworth and Banyen Books and Sound!

All of us at the Bosman are overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity!! 

It was like birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents all in one!!

Your wonderful generous donations will have an incredibly positive and long term impact on all of the residents of the Bosman.

Gaining new general knowledge, literacy and new topics of discussion come from reading the new donated books!

We understand that everyone at Banyen Books love and respect books very highly and now the Bosman residents can do so too!

For the Bosman residents with their unique needs, the books you so kindly donated brings much heartfelt joy and comfort!

 There are so many obstacles keeping the residents from having access to books.

With Banyen providing valuable books for the  in house library, you remove these boundaries and make way for our residents’ renewed hope and self-discovery. 

Some of our residents  were so surprised and delighted, some shed a few  emotional tears of joy in receiving a new Banyen book to read!

Many had and still have very fond memories of Banyen books and the amazing world of reading!

We believe, there is so much therapy and love in the simple but valuable joy of past time by quietly reading a book.

 So in closing we would like to reiterate our sincere gratitude to Kolin Lymworth of Banyen Books for making the library extra special and even more possible!


With love,

The Bosman Hotel Community residents

Some of our residents were overcome with emotions and shed happy tears of joy from the new donated Banyen Books!

Our residents can’t wait to read the books donated by Banyen Books and Sound!

Out On A Limb. Stories about growing up and growing older by The Only Animal with PHS Community Services in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

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Out On A Limb.  Stories about growing up and growing older

Bringing 100 youth and elders together to relate the passing of time and coming of age

Intergenerational.  Interspecies.  Interactive.

Fifty feet tall and 3 acres of video projection and sound installation in the trees

Community and professional artists working together

Produced by The Only Animal with PHS Community Services

Come hear, tell, and learn from a master storyteller. Weekly workshops on Saturdays through the summer. Facilitated and created by David Roche, Vanessa Richards, Eric Rhys Miller, Keith Murray, and Alex MacQueen with 100 community participants.

Open Workshops:
Saturdays 1 PM – 4 PM
April 28, May 26, June 23
Woodwards Sky Room
131 W. Hastings

Hendrik Beune and April Smith of AHA MEDIA help build a library for Bosman Hotel Community

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Old books! New books! Donated books! All for Building a Library!

 The Bosman library hasn’t officially open and it’s already a success! There is a wide variety tastes at the the Bosman, with residents  eager to borrow many new books to read.
The most popular book so far is the mighty Dictionary which “weighs a ton!”
Creating an in house library,  is so important because many of the residents are uncomfortable going to a public library. Now Bosman Hotel community residents will be able to enjoy reading material in safe and familiar environment, without the concern of what hour it is or getting the books back on time. Books are available 24/7 for the eager readers!

Below is a video of Hendrik Beune speaking about the beginning of the Bosman Hotel Community library