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Re-Up BBQ’s 3rd annual Labour Day BBQ fundraiser for New West City Councillor Chuck Puchmayr’s Charity Farm Society A Beef With Hunger

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Spoil Yourself.


BBQ on the “BEACH” September 1. 13

Re-Up BBQ’s 3rd annual Labour Day BBQ is taking place at River Market in New Westminster.

The party features BBQ, a diverse bar, DJs, circus performances, party games and more! This year, the proceeds from the bar (and 3 amazing meat draws) will be donated to City Councillor Chuck Puchmayr’s charityA Beef With Hunger.This organization raises natural, grass-fed cattle for the food bank and local recovery houses in New West. Help us make some money for a good cause while you have one last chance to spoil yourself this summer!



A Beef with Hunger Society raises beef and purchases farmed goods that are then donated to the food bank and non-profit meal providers including community schools.

Below are some pictures of A Beef With Hunger livestock. The cows are named Food 1 and Food 2 (left), Food 3 and Food 4 (middle)–we are up to Food 25! All Society meat is for non-profit meal providers and the HIV and Hepatitis C Food Bank.


Happy, Healthy and Grass Fed at A Beef With Hunger Charity Farm Society 🙂


Ben Rampre sings at Open Mic night

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Upcoming songwriter, singer and guitarist Ben Rampre performs three songs live at an Open Mic Night.

Hear more of Ben’s songs this Saturday on CiTR 

Ben Rampre


“Once in a lifetime love”

“Friday morning”

Hendrik helps to build Woodwards Community Garden in Vancouver

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Hendrik helps to replant Rose Bushes from Woodwards Community Garden to the Hastings Urban Farm.

36 AHA MEDIA sees Woodwards Community Garden in Vancouver

Hendrik – Hero to Woodwards Community Garden with his pet Seagull “Bub Bub”

Shebeen Club Reunion Night in Vancouver – One Night Only on Thurs Aug 22, 2013

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Lorraine Murphy, Robert Shaer, Chris Mathieson, Salim Jiwa and Dennis E. Bolen

From the Shebeen Club Reunion Facebook event page:

We’re coming back to life for ONE NIGHT ONLY or at least that’s all we’re committing to. We’re like that. Show up, boast, drink, check out who’s been up to what and who is denying everything. Olde Tyme Shebeeners and Newbies welcome. No fixed price: just pay for what you order.
More below…From the blog post:


That’s right, Vangroover’s classiest literary gathering returns for One Night Only. Or will commit to One Night Only. You know how that goes.

This upcoming Thursday, August 22nd at 6pm, let’s meet up in the Shebeen and talk about old times and new times and, as ever, bitch about getting paid on time. If you’ve published a book since the last time we got together, bring some and we’ll let you show off. If you’ve gotten a new writing/editing/publishing gig since we last met, boast and we will applaud you. If you’ve created an entire spoken word opera based on the Kardashians, please, in the name of Wagner, keep it to yourself.

Who’s welcome? Everyone except hostile drunks. If you’ve never been to the Shebeen Club before, well, it’s a group for practicing literati, whether they’re making a living at it or not. Writers, editors, publishers, book illustrators, printers, journalists, bloggers, poets, and not a few reprobates. They add a certain style to the mix.

Dress code: Dress writerly. Nobody knows what that means so you can’t get it wrong!

Pay for what you order, and don’t forget to tip nicely. We don’t want them getting annoyed with us after eight years, do we?


For the Facebook-dependent, the event is listed,

and I quite frankly got so excited I blew $50 on Facebook ads. What can I say, it’s been a couple of years since our last get-together, and I lost my head.Directions: the Shebeen is a “secret” pub, so it’s not going to have a giant neon sign out front. Go to the Irish Heather, 210 Carrall Street at the foot of Gastown in Maple Tree Square almost kitty-corner to Chill Winston. Go into the Irish Heather and straight through and out the back door. Turn right, because if you don’t you will walk smack into a brick wall. The door to the Shebeen is just a little ways on, on your left.The Menu: no dinner special this time, but the menu is constantly changing and always high-quality. Don’t show up early, because they won’t be open yet!

Twinks Dj Dance Pride Party 2013 in Vancouver

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Twinks Twinks Twinks – A Vancouver based organization that annually creates a Pride event, revolving around the youthful and fit twinks is pleased to present this year’s Art Show/Auction and DJ Dance Show!!