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April Smith of AHA MEDIA was very pleased and honored to work with mentor Mo Simpson – award-winning freelance director, cinematographer and editor !

August 30, 2009 1 comment

April Smith of AHA MEDIA  had the great exclusive opportunity to work  as a sound recordist with mentor Mo Simpson on her documentary on Design Nerds  at W2 Community Media Art Gallery Space at 175 West Hastings in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Mo filming Design Nerds

Below is a photo of Mo Simpson holding a Sennheiser Microphone unit

Mo showing microphone

Recently, Sennheiser Sound Team toured W2 Community Media Arts Centre. Below is a closeup of Mo Simpson’s Sennheiser Microphone Unit

Sennheiser Microphone


Mo with shades

Moira Simpson’s work as an award-winning freelance director, cinematographer and editor spans 30 years and encompasses many National Film Board, independent and television documentaries. Simpson has often combined filmmaking with teaching, giving workshops throughout BC as well as the Western Arctic, Newfoundland and Alberta. She has also taught at the University of British Columbia and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. In 1995 Simpson was honoured for receiving one of the best student evaluations that year at the Institute. She currently gives workshops regularly and has mentored a number of developing filmmakers.

The subjects of Simpson’s documentaries range from Canada’s Political Economy, youth and drug addiction, the creation of a national women’s monument remembering the 14 women murdered in the Montreal Massacre, an international peacebuilding mission on the frontlines of war-ravaged Kosovo, to the complexities of offering aid to Africa.

Last fall Simpson returned from giving a joint NFB-UN Habitat workshop in Nairobi, Kenya with young media activists from Slum TV, Hot Sun and The Ghetto Club, three grassroots video groups in Nairobi’s vast slums that have become models of self-empowerment in a society besieged by political disillusionment. Called the “free media”, their work is being shown online and informally throughout communities, involving the Kenyan people in a debate over the future of their country and giving them nonviolent avenues of expression

Mo was recently DOP and location sound recordist on the National Film Board’s Finding Dawn on the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women across Canada. As filmmaker in residence with Fearless City Mobile and W2, she has been exploring the use of mobile phone video technology, including livestreaming, with residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

This spring Simpson was honoured with the Kodak Image Award of Excellence from Women in Film and Television. Over the next year she will be directing, shooting and editing stories for the National Film Board’s GDP, an interactive webdocumentary that will measure the human side of the Canadian economic crisis. Filmmakers and photo essayists across the country will give a voice to the men and women who through resilience and ingenuity have become “change makers” in their communities.

AHA MEDIA went on an exclusive tour of W2 Community Media Arts Centre with the Sennheiser Sound Tour as they visited Vancouver!

August 23, 2009 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA went on an exclusive tour of W2 Community Media Arts Centre with the Sennheiser Sound Tour as they visited Vancouver!

AHA MEDIA is very proud to be the first mobile new media and social media company from Vancouver to see the very beginning of the W2 Community Media Arts Centre from the ground up!

Sennheiser Sound Tour


While you may not have heard about Sennheiser, you soon will. Sennheiser is a famous amongst music professionals for providing the most authentic sound and this summer, the Sennheiser Sound Tour will be spreading the sound about their incredible headphones across North America. With a team of 6 guys and a team of 6 Girls – there is goingto be some fun!

What Sennheiser stands for

We create the greatest and most exciting sound experience for people worldwide – whether at home or out and about; on stage or behind the DJ console; in a museum or in a concert hall. It is our ambition to enable people all around the world to enjoy a unique sound experience. Approximately 2000 Sennheiser employees in 90 countries around the globe work as a team in a constant effort to fulfil this promise.

For more than 60 years the name Sennheiser has stood for the highest quality products and customised solutions across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction. As one of the world’s leading providers of integrated solutions for electro-acoustic products, systems and services we constantly set ourselves the challenge of developing creative answers which satisfy the requests and requirements of our customers.

Below is ( Left to Right)

Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour, April Smith of AHA MEDIA/W2, Irwin Oostindie, Executive Director of W2 Community Media Arts, Po of Sennheiser Sound Tour, Sid Tan of ICTV/W2

 W2 Tour with Sennheiser 115

 The following videos are  by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a Nokia N95 mobile cameraphone generously provided by W2 Community Media Arts. April is passionate and skilled in making Nokia films by exploring mobile media production through the camera lens of a cellphone. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter.

Below is ( Left to Right)

Back: Sid Tan of ICTV/W2, Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour, Irwin Oostindie, Executive Director of W2, Po of Sennheiser Sound Tour

Front: Lani Russwurm of DTES CAN/W2 and April Smith of AHA MEDIA/W2

W2 Tour with Sennheiser 119

Below is Po and Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour

Po and Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour

Below is Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour, Irwin Oostindie of W2 Community Media Arts and Po of Sennheiser Sound Tour chatting together.

W2 Tour with Sennheiser 139

Below is Po and Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour walking through the beginning of W2 Community Media Arts Centre

W2 Tour with Sennheiser 144

We thank Po and Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour for touring W2 Community Media Arts Centre🙂

Sennheiser Sound Tour

W2 Community Media Arts

Thanks to Po of Sennheiser Sound Tour

Po of Sennheiser

Thanks to Adrian of Sennheiser Sound Tour

Adrian of Sennheiser

Please see all 211 photos of Sennheiser Sound Tour visiting W2 on both our Flickr sets

First set has 163 photos

Second set has 48 photos

Thanks to Sennheiser Sound Tour and W2 Community Media Arts

AHA MEDIA is pleased to produce mobile media of  6 videos on Youtube and 211 photos on Flickr for you!


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