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Community Dialogue on Thursday March 3 at St James Church in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

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What are Community Benefits Agreements?  Will they help our community?

Join us for a Community Dialogue on Thursday March 3 10 AM – 1 PM At St. James Church ( E. Cordova St @ Gore St )

Coffee, Tea and Snacks

Jean Swanson is the co-author of the Carnegie Community Action Project’s Vision for Change

Julian Gross has negotiation over a dozen community benefits agreements in California

Co-hosted by the DTES Neighbourhood Council and the Vancouver  Urban Core Community Worker’s Association

And presented with the Building Leadership to Create Change Gathering

Almost Spring time and Street Soccer players in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

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Below are photos of the first Cherry Blossoms of Spring in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Below are photos our Street Soccer team players with some members of AHA MEDIA



AHA MEDIA at the 25th anniversary of Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win event in Vancouver

February 22, 2011 1 comment


Over  47 million prizes this year are what Canadians can look forward to winning from Tim Hortons during the 25th anniversary of Roll Up

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roll Up, Tim Hortons partnered with Harris/Decima to conduct a survey to determine how many Canadians can roll their r’s. Surprisingly, only 56 per cent of Canadians can roll their r’s—who knew!

Some interesting stats found for Vancouver:

·         32% of British Columbians cannot roll their ‘r’

·         Second highest percentage of Canadians who can roll their ‘r’ can be found in British Columbia-58%

·         25% of respondents in Vancouver felt those who speak Scottish would be best at rolling their ‘r’

·         26% of Vancouverites can roll their ‘r’ for a whole 6-10 seconds

Below is a photo and video of  Dr. Allison Benner, a linguist and phonetician, who speaks about the art and science of rolling your r.

Below is a photo of Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA after he won a Free Coffee from Tim Hortons Roll Up


20th Annual DTES Womens Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women

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“Their Spirits Live Within Us”: Annual Women’s Memorial March for Murdered and Missing Women

In January 1991 a woman was murdered on Powell Street. Her name is not spoken today out of respect for the wishes of her family. This woman’s murder in particular was the catalyst that moved women into action. Out of this sense of hopelessness and anger came an annual march on Valentine’s Day to express compassion, community, and caring for all women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Coast Salish Territories.

Decades later, the march continues to honour the lives of missing and murdered women. This event is organized and led by women in the DTES because women, especially Indigenous women, face physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence on a daily basis. The heinous and unimaginable violence that have taken the lives of so many has left a deep void in our hearts. We gather each year to mourn and remember our sisters by listening to their family members, by taking over the streets, and through spiritual ceremonies.

Increasing deaths of many vulnerable women from the DTES still leaves family, friends, loved ones, and community members with an overwhelming sense of grief and loss. Every year the list of women going missing also increases. Over 3000 women are known to have gone missing or been murdered in Canada since the 1970s. Last year, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women issued this statement: “Hundreds of cases involving aboriginal women who have gone missing or been murdered in the past two decades have neither been fully investigated nor attracted priority attention.”

The February 14th Women’s Memorial March is an opportunity to come together to grieve the loss of our beloved sisters, remember the women who are still missing, and to dedicate ourselves to justice. Please join us.

See more here



Rocky Dal Passo’s update on his beloved cat Alicia who was thrown out of a 5 story window who is going through a $5,000 operation!

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Rocky Dal Passo has some good news about his beloved cat Alicia: Enough money was raised thanks to the generosity of the public for Alicia to start  her operation on her broken back legs!

Thank you everyone who donated! 🙂


HomeGround 2011 for the DTES Homeless and Underhoused at Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

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For Homeless & underhoused DTES Residents

4 Days of Free Food, Great Entertainment, Workshops & Activities About your  right to food


Thursday February 17                                  4pm – 10pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Feb 18 – 20  8am-8pm

Enjoy delicious hot meals. Explore & engage about your Right to nutritious, affordable, and healthy Food. Relax, listen & dance to great bands and performers.

THURSDAY February 17

4pm Late Lunch

Split pea stew & chorizo

4pm-8pm Right to Food Fair

Informative & Interactive displays showcasing our communities

Right to Food activities

8-10pm Movie Supersized Me

Popcorn & Beverages served

Learn what happens when you eat nothing but McDonalds supersize meals for an entire month


8am Breakfast

Hot Oats & strong coffee

12-12pm Lunch

A changing daily menu of classics

12:30-1pm First Nation Musical Opening

1-3pm Right to Food Workshops &

creative, engaging activities for all ages

3:30-8pm Entertainment Your favorite local performers, singers & bands to put you in a mellow mood or get up up dancing

5-7pm Dinner Delectable gourmet evening feasts


Dalannah Gail Bowen

Carnegie Jazz Band

Good for Grapes

Ron Stelting’s Drum Circle

Downtown Eastside Poets

Niddi Cascade & Dianna

Nancy Delyzer

Bev Blanchard


Harmony of Nations

Stan Hudac Quartet

Pancho & Sal

Buffalo Spirits


Lantern Making & Parade

Spring Planting Workshop

Food Street Theatre

Cooking Demonstarations


Food Jeopardy

Mural Painting

SOLEFood Display

Community Kitchens Showcase

Recipe Swap

Fondest Food Memory Contest & Daily Draws

Brought to you by The Carnegie Community Centre and the DTES Neighbourhood House with seed funding from the City of Vancouver. HomeGround acknowledges & honours the fact that our community lies within the Traditional Territory of the Coast Salish People

Below are photos of friends of AHA MEDIA who have given permission to have their photos taken

Below is Roy giving a friendly wave

Below is Garvin Snider wearing his HomeGround toque

Below is Rob with a plate of healthy food

Below is Peter with delicious and healthy food

Below is Roy painting at the DTES murals

Below are some paintings from Peter

New Fountain Shelter in Vancouver Downtown Eastside is threatened with closure, Please write a letter of support

February 16, 2011 1 comment

From New Fountain Shelter Staff:


Hello friends,

I am contacting you about something urgent to the daily lives of many downtown Vancouver residents. The shelter I work at is being threatened with closure. It will close, and leave about 45 people completely homeless and without the support of the shelter staff, food and services.

Please write us a letter of support to help us stay open. Please consider writing your letter soon as we need to get them by the end of the month.

Here is the statement

As some of you may know, the New Fountain Shelter is currently fighting to stay open. Our shelter is full nightly with approximately 45 homeless people. We feed, provide support in a person’s search for housing, distribute clothing donations and of course provide shelter for those who have none.

We are collecting letters of support. They can be simple or complex. They could express a personal experience at the New Fountain Shelter, or they could generally address the positive impact of shelters on our community.

If each of you takes the time to write and send even a small paragraph it will have a major impact.

Please send letters of support to: and

Thank you, we are depending on your support!

New Fountain Shelter Staff