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AHA MEDIA was glad to meet many members of various Vancouver Lions Clubs on April 3. 2010

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA was invited by Gary Lee of the Vancouver East Lions Den to learn more about the great community work they do!


In this photo and video montage, April Smith of AHA MEDIA meets many members of various Vancouver Lions Clubs on Saturday April 3, 2010.

Thanks to Gary Lee of Vancouver East Lions for the introduction!

In order of appearance:

Jackie Chan Sam Cheung, Gary Lee, Winnie Yu – Van East Lions

Ellie Chan – Vancouver Shaughnessy Lions…

Theresa Ng- Vancouver Pacific Lions

Grace Hwo- Vancouver Pacific and Vancouver Chinatown Lioness club

Adelina Ko- Vancouver Arbutus Lions…

Jimmy Ho- Vancouver Metropolitan Lions – Upcoming ZC of A-7

Sheila Keung- Vancouver Broadway Lions PZC- A-7

April Wong- Vancouver Cathay New Century Lions

Troy Dalen- DG Elect- Vancouver Marpole Lions…

This photo and video montage was filmed by April Smith and edited by Richard Czaban of AHA MEDIA .AHA MEDIA is about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or