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April Smith is very proud to have her Remembrance Day video from Victory Square in Vancouver be part of this week’s BBC Your World News TV program !

November 14, 2009 1 comment

April Smith is very proud to have a video clip of Remembrance Day from Victory Square be part of this week’s BBC Your World News TV Program!


It is such an honor to have April’s mobile cameraphone video from Vancouver be included with a traditional news broadcast in London, England!


Anna Adams of BBC News mentions April Smith’s name and Remembrance Day video from Vancouver which runs from 0:50 – 1:03 in the video link below 🙂 388.stm

Below is a photo of Anna Adams of BBC

Anna Adams of BBC News


Below is a tweet from Twitter:

RT @BBC_HaveYourSay This week’s Your World News with @AnnaAdamsBBC – Thanks to @AprilFilms who helped out


Below is the letter from Silvia Costeloe of BBC to April Smith
Remembrance Day‏
From: Silvia Costeloe
Sent: November 12, 2009 1:03:32 PM
To: April Smith

Hi April

I saw your video on Youtube of Remembrance Day in Vancouver and I was wondering if you’d mind us using it for Your World News, which is a BBC World short programme that goes out tomorrow. I’m putting together a small package on Remembrance Day and was wondering if you’d mind. We’d credit your name.

Also just to double check, you did take them yourself?

And lastly, if Remembrance has a special meaning to you, please email me a phone number and I’ll try and talk to you if you’re happy for me to.

Thanks a lot,


Silvia Costeloe
Broadcast Journalist
BBC News, UGC Hub


Many thanks to Silvia Costeloe and Anna Adams of BBC News! 🙂