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Take Back Canada with Mel Hurtig event in Vancouver

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment

The Take Back Canada event began with ‘The Canadian Sellouts aka Hall 23 giving a rousing performance of inspirational songs and ended their set with the song “Blame Canada”

Ruth Meta veteran Vancouver activist and event organizer introduced the man of the evening MEL HURTIG, PUBLISHER, and ORDER OF CANADA RECIPIENT!

Everyone gathered in close to listen to Mel and his mesmerizing speech of social justice, income redistribution and making sure our politicians are accountable on all level of government!

A well attended crowd in Vancouver was motivated and inspired by Mel’s words.

A lively Q&A happened after his amazing talk.

LET HER EAT CAKE! Occupying Wei Young’s Conservative Office in Vancouver on Feb 9, 2012

February 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Ruth Meta writes:

The “let her eat cake” campaign took off this morning with less than a “bang” as I AND Meena Wong were the only people who showed up. We arrived exactly at 10:00 o’clock, when the office was supposed to open. We were still standing in the rain at 10:45 when one staff member showed up to open the door. Across the street, a police car had been parked ….

Hmmmm. As it turned out, somebody actually HAD been inside the whole time we waited, but did not unlock the door until the other staff member arrived. Upon entering the office, I was allowed to sit down with my “cake”. The staffer insisted on my filling out a form, (which I refused) and continued to ask for my name and contact info.

I told this woman that I did not have to go through that type of a rigamarole to speak with my own MP, that I didn’t have to tell them anything, that I was a citizen of Canada, born here and I found it completely disrespectful of Mr. Harper to tell Europe that he intended to raise the age limit for OAS BEFORE he told his citizens in Canada.

Additionally, I told the staff that the dismantling of EI was unconstitutional, that Diane Findlay was taking our EI money and putting it in her own pocket, that it was reprehensible that claimants had to wait 3-4 months for their claims to be adjudicated and that the laying off of Service Canada workers was foolish, short term thinking.

I asked the staff to pay for the sending of MY CAKE to Diane Findlay at their expense, actually, it’s MY expense as a taxpayer. They made up some silly excuse that the cake was perishable and I should send it myself.

All the while, while this exchange was taking place, another staffer was filming ME … so, the Conservatives obviously are very frightened of a 64 year old Jewish woman with a CAKE!

Ruth Meta and Meena Wong, NDP Vancouver South to present a very Canadian Cake to Conservative MP Wai Young on Thurs Feb 9, 2012

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Ruth Meta says:

Meena Wong … NDP Vancouver South and I are arranging this little meeting on Thursday with the Conservative MP in Vancouver south… wanna come along? email me:

Along with the Old Age Security issue, we might as well ask her why Diane Findlay is dismantling EI, I’m giving the representative a taste of the cake we’re delivering to the rest of the Conservatives in Ottawa!

Syd Ryan, president of Federation of Labours Ontario, is organizing this event with local activists across the nation. I have been asked to take part. I will be there with friends.

Date and Time: Thursday, Feb. 9th at 10 am
Location: Wai Young, Conservative MP for Vancouver South, Constituency Office: 6406 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC V5P 3X7

Please spread the word to your friends and neighbours and come out to this event to fight against Harper Conservatives plan to raise the OAS from age 65 to 67. Bring your voice and make signs.

Many people will have to work 2 more years in order to be able to retire. I think the Conservatives should cancel the 39 Billion fighter jets and more billions on mega prisons to balance the budget.