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Peggy Kotsopoulos on “Must Have Been Something I Ate” at I Love Heath store in Vancouver

May 30, 2011 2 comments

Tonight at I Love Health store we got to hear from a foremost authority on health and nutrition  Peggy Kotsopoulos as she described the benefits of Vitamin B12, Iron, and many other nutrients in our diets.

Peggy was able to make for us what she called a Vegatini (a smoothie chock full of nutritional ingredients) and a delicious chocolate mousse (with a pumpkin base).

All very healthy and entirely vegan (no animal byproducts).

Approximately 20 of us were on hand to hear her speech and were rewarded with a taste of some of the delicious things she made.  She described the benefits of eating food rich in Tyrosine and Chlorella , as well as describing the powerful sunflower sprouts!

All in all an excellent experience and very encouraging for anyone hoping to lose weight, eat healthy, and restore some energy naturally into their lives.