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AHA MEDIA participates in LG Canadian Texting Championships and Media Charity Challenge

April 18, 2009 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA  participated in the LG Canadian Texting Championships and Media Charity Challenge!


 LG Electronics invited Vancouver media to compete in the ultimate text message challenge to win $1,000 on behalf of the charity of your choice.


Below is a photo of Faris Chebib from LG, April Smith and Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA, very happy to be invited to participate in the Media Challenge!  AHA MEDIA is proud to be media from the Vancouver Downtown Eastside!!  Thanks so much LG! 🙂1-lg-faris-april-peter

Below is a photo of John Chow and April Smith – both getting ready have a text-off with each other to raise funds for the charity of choice. 


If AHA MEDIA would have won,  we would have donated our $1,000 cheque to CACV  Community Arts Council of Vancouver


Creating Community with Art


The Community Arts Council of Vancouver was the first arts council in North America.

Since its beginning in 1946, the Community Arts Council of Vancouver has been a contributor to shaping the cultural life of Vancouver. The Council has been a powerful force in creating and advocating for many of the institutions, traditions and policies in Vancouver that we benefit from today.

For more than 60 years, CACV has been contributing to the cultural and community development of Vancouver by creating art projects that engage the community and facilitating, supporting, and advocating for initiatives, facilities, and programs that increase community participation in the arts. Our interests are to increase understanding of how the arts create community, grow our appreciation of our cultural differences, and engage the community in the art of developing community.

In the next few years we will attract and engage community leaders and the people who have the ability to provide the resources and collaborate with them in determining the critical initiatives that will accelerate the cultural and community development of our city.

Our biggest priority and greatest opportunity is our Downtown Eastside community which is rich in history and cultures and the neighbourhood with the largest population of artists per capita in British Columbia.

April Smith and  Buzz Bishop wish each other good luck for the Media Charity Challenge! 🙂


Peter Davies, Reporter for AHA MEDIA pratices his texting skills before the challenge.


April Smith smiles a big grin before being the first one  to compete in  the LG Texting Media Championships and Media Charity Challenge to raise funds for charity of choice! 🙂


As all participants are all from the MEDIA,  – we all documented each other during the friendly competition! 🙂


After the dust settled, Buzz  Bishop was declared the winner! 🙂 His charity of choice for  Canadian Diabetes Association!

Way to go Buzz and Congrads to you!!! 🙂


We’re all winners! Here is a photo of the Media from Vancouver for the LG  Texting Championship and Media Charity Challenge! 🙂


From Left to Right:

Peter Davies                                        Reporter for  AHA MEDIA

John Chow with daughter Sally

Buzz Bishop                               

April Smith                                          Producer of AHA MEDIA

Frank                                                      LG Electronics

Stephen Fung                             

Leo Chiang                                   

AHA MEDIA say thanks to our fellow teammates and friends for the opportunity to try to win the LG Texting Championships and Media Charity Challenge! It was great being with all of you! 🙂

A great big thanks to LG Electronics Canada for hosting us and donating $1,000 to our charity of choice! 🙂