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Breakfast at The Baker and The Chef in Vancouver

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Peter of AHA MEDIA says

Today we dropped in on a little cafe called  The Baker and The Chef on Cambie St in Vancouver

We ordered breakfast, it was noon and they were still serving breaky, bonus! We got the Ham and Cheese Omelet  and “All Day Breakfast” (sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast).

The servings were huge as we couldn’t even finish our food. The ham and cheese omelet was stuffed with so much meat! Very delighted to see this 🙂

The price was great, the server was very attentive and polite, and the atmosphere was excellent.

We would certainly go back and also recommend this place all our friends! 🙂

Oppenheimer Park Community Art Project Fundraiser in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

 Community Art Project Fundraiser: In addition to regular supplies for applied art programs at Oppenheimer, we will supply small wooden block canvasses for participants to donate art for the fundraiser. Participants willing to donate their work to our fundraiser will be supporting local artists in the community. Through sales of these small paintings, prints, collage, text, drawings, etc. during the Gachet & Oppenheimer Park Community Art Show opening reception (as well as the sales from the Art Cart) we hope to raise the money needed to support a regular slot for the Art Cart/artists at the Sunday Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood (DNC) Street Market & Fairs.

Miami Mike’s rude encounter at Rexall Pharmacy in Tinseltown Mall in Vancouver

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment
Miami Mike says
Hey guys!!! I went to Rexall Pharmacy in Tinseltown Mall today to pick up some coconut water and dog food for Florida.
There was a rude woman working there asked me to leave and told me that there sick of my kind of people disrupting and stealing.
Little does she know that I own the One Stop Shop Cards and Games down the hall from here and that I have been here in the mall for 6 yrs!
So I just left  ;0( .

RJ Dempsey speaks about his new clean lifestyle in Vancouver

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Three years ago,  RJ Dempsey and April Smith of AHA MEDIA were in a photo together for the 2009 Pivot’s Hope in Shadow contest in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

Today in 2012,  RJ Dempsey is proud of his brand new clean lifestyle in Vancouver.

Since 2009, he has moved out of the DTES, leads a healthy clean life and has reconnected with his Mom 🙂

April of AHA MEDIA together again with RJ Dempsey on October 11, 2012

Happy 10 11 12 Day!!

October 11, 2012 Leave a comment

In honour of the ONCE in our lifetime, 10 – 11 -12 Day, ( October 11, 2012), AHA MEDIA decided to celebrate with some delicious OREO Cookie Cake!

Hendrik of AHA MEDIA says:

Hello kiddies, what did you learn in school today?
Today is 10/11/12!
Next year we have 11/12/13
(That is if we have a next year
or another day after 21/12/12)
What’s after that I don’t know
because there is no 13th month!
Aren’t we lucky to be alive today!


Wishing you all a happy 10 11 12 Day! 🙂