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Day 1 of Nokia #N97minitour kickoff event at Cinema Public House in Vancouver

July 6, 2010 1 comment

Day 1 of Nokia #N97minitour kickoff event started at Cinema Public House (901 Granville St) in Vancouver with good food, chat and much talk and testing of the Nokia N97mini smartphones

Below is a photo of the Nokia #97minitour RV stationed near 667 Granville St

Below is a link to  a Livestream  video filmed by Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA on a Nokia N97 using Qik software

Nokia #N97minitour meetup at cinema public house in Vancouver

Below is Tom Hall of Womworld Nokia welcoming us to Nokia #N97minitour kick off meetup in Vancouver

Below is a video of  Tom Hall of Womworld Nokia announces the winning name of Nokia #N97minitour at Cinema Public House (901 Granville St) from Vancouver to Calgary

AHA MEDIA is very proud to present “With Glowing Hearts” – a documentary on social media and W2 Community Media Arts Centre in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Animal Mother Films invites you to join us for a drink and exclusive preview from the film at the official launch party for the website for our documentary project With Glowing Hearts. We continue to capture the pressures facing Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as the city prepares to host the Winter Olympics next February, and how a remarkable group of individuals is using cutting edge social media technologies to empower their community.

WGH-is a story about a revolution, one of social change and a paradigm shift in media representation. Vancouver sets the stage, against the backdrop of the 2010 Winter Games, for our documentary about a marginalized community embracing social media tools to empower, inspire and breakdown the digital divide.

This is a project that Andrew Lavigne is directing and is being produced by Shot on various capture devices including the Red, the HVX 200, the 5D MkII and the Nokia N77 cellphone. We began shooting Feb/2009 and will continue through March/2010.

Director Andrew Lavigne and Producer Jon Ornoy are now 9 months into production, charting the inspiring story of the creation of the W2 Media Arts Center as part of the Woodward’s redevelopment and the vital steps towards breaking down the digital divide that will take place within its walls.

With the launch of, our Facebook presence and the Games only a few months away, we’re excited to throw the doors wide open and let you have a look inside.

AHA MEDIA is very proud to be featured in Gillian Shaw’s article on Social Media as a new Olympic Event

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

With many humble thanks to Gillian Shaw of the Vancouver Sun for her article

The other games: Tweeters, videographers …

From bloggers to citizen journalists, the way we see and experience the Games has changed

AHA MEDIA in Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER – Social media is the new Olympic event, with the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games giving Vancouver’s fast-growing social media community a chance to showcase its talents and technology.

While the Olympic movement is taking small steps into a world where conventional news services share an online space in which everyone is a publisher and producer, Vancouver’s grassroots social media is already seen as a forerunner.

The upcoming Games are giving rise to a range of social media offerings from the official 2010 hosts to contributions from citizen journalists, tweeters, bloggers and online video producers who will share their city and their Olympic experience with the world.

April Smith is already a winner and the games haven’t even started.

Once homeless in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, the 24-year-old Smith – known as AprilFilms on Twitter – has turned her life around thanks to a mentoring program that taught her new media skills ranging from web design to mobile video. Equipped with a video-enabled cellphone, Smith will be participating in the Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition, part of the 2010 celebrations.

“New media has meant a new life for me,” said Smith, who has co-founded AHA Media, a fledgling startup that fosters new media learning among downtown eastside residents.

“Back in the day I, lived in and out of the most horrible places you could think of. I was living on the edge. It really has been the saving grace to do computer work and have a home where I can lock the door.”

The stepping stone for Smith came in the form of the Fearless City Mobile Project, an initiative in which residents and artists of the downtown eastside receive training in mobile media and use their new-found skills to document stories and issues in their neighbourhood.

“There was support for me that helped me change my life,” said Smith. “I’m now teaching basic media skills to others to help them make the transition, to go on to a different future.

“It opens doors for them.”

As a Fearless City Mobile project co-ordinator, Smith is participating in Fearless City’s CODE Live and Bright Lights editions. The projects will include streaming videos created by local residents and shown on giant screens at W2, a community media arts centre opening this winter.

It’s that community conversation – a dialogue – that separates social media from conventional media and it’s a transition that the International Olympic Committee is grappling with.

Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP Group, one of the world’s largest advertising companies, recently told the IOC that interactive online content is crucial in attracting young audiences today.

The Olympic movement is adding its own contributions to the social media offerings, but it is a step forward that is not without its stumbles. Most recently, the IOC sent a cease-and-desist letter to Richard Giles for sharing photos from his trip to the 2008 Beijing Games on Flickr.

While the IOC was quick to defend its position, the incident is a sharp reminder of the pitfalls and challenges facing both sides in adapting to new technologies.

“It really comes down to fair play,” said Graeme Menzies, director of online communications for Vanoc. “If somebody is trying to take advantage, then that’s not OK. But if people are saying we love this, we think it’s great, we want to talk about it and share it, that’s awesome stuff.”

Menzies said his organization is recognizing the popularity of social media tools and integrating them into its newly relaunched website.

While the global Olympic movement is starting to shift attention to social media, critics say progress is slow and opportunities to showcase Vancouver have been missed.

“Vanoc has been reaching out to the community to better understand social media, but it has been slow to adopt it,” said Kris Krug, a W2 director and Fearless City Mobile mentor, who participated in symposiums at both the Turin and Beijing Olympics on how new media is changing coverage of the Games.

“Citizens, athletes and corporations will all be making media, whether it’s part of Vanoc’s official strategy or not.”

Krug, along with Dave Olson and W2 executive director Irwin Oostindie and other new media veterans in Vancouver, is organizing the True North Media House, a grassroots campaign aimed at encouraging social media coverage of Olympic sporting and cultural events.

“I have done quite a few presentations on how grassroots media-makers can embrace the Olympics,” said Olson, who said the 2012 Summer Games and 2016 Winter Games organizers are already demonstrating a “more progressive” approach to social media.

“I have been saying, come on Vancouver we can help facilitate this sea change in the way media is consumed,” he said. “The motivation for me is because I work in this field here in Vancouver, but also as an Olympic enthusiast.”

Olson said the True North Media House has garnered international attention but it faces funding challenges.

“We have talked to the BBC, CNN – people from all over the world are contacting us,” he said. “There is a tremendous amount of interest in a grassroots project like this.”

Vancouver Sun

RESOURCES updates from the Vanoc communications team updates from 2010 broadcast partner Twitter profile of the True North Media House, a project aimed at giving social media practitioners a centre for the 2010 Games. official Facebook page for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games with link to Torch Relay interactive site. updates from W2 Community Media Arts, a participant in the Cultural Olympiad. Vanoc’s YouTube site one of many social media sites that have picked up on Olympic-related names, this Twitter profile named for Quatchi, a 2010 mascot, bills its bio as “NO GAMES ON STOLEN NATIVE LAND!,” but has been quiet except for a few tweets. website for student social media participation in the 2010 Olympics.

AHA MEDIA was very proud to speak at Net Tuesday event at CBC ( Canadian Broadcasting Centre ) in Vancouver

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA was very proud to speak at Net Tuesday event at CBC ( Canadian Broadcasting Centre ) in Vancouver on September 1, 2009

Below is a photo of April Smith of AHA MEDIA in the lobby of CBC Vancouver

0 April in CBC lobby

Below is a photo of Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA looking into the Net Tuesday crowd

1 A Peter at CBC room

Below is a photo of April about to walk into the room where other Net Tuesday folks are gathered in a room at CBC

1 April to talk at CBC

Below is a photo of April and Andrew Lavigne hugging upon greeting!  AHA MEDIA is very lucky to have Andrew Lavigne as one of their mentors!  🙂

2 April and Andrew greeting each other at CBC

 Andrew Lavigne is a professional filmmaker and director of a documentary called “With Glowing Hearts” in which AHA MEDIA is one of the featured stories having their journeys into socia media followed and documented for over a year.

“With Glowing Hearts” is a movie where social media is used for social change especially for the folks in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Andrew Lavigne says

WGH-is a story about a revolution, one of social change and a paradigm shift in media representation. Vancouver sets the stage, against the backdrop of the 2010 Winter Games, for our documentary about a marginalized community embracing social media tools to empower, inspire and breakdown the digital divide. This is a project that I am directing and is being produced by Shot on various capture devices including the Red, the HVX 200, the 5D MkII and the Nokia N77 cellphone. We began shooting Feb/2009 and will continue through March/2010….look for more footage to appear…soon. Enjoy.

You may view “With Glowing Hearts”  trailer on Vimeo

 WGH Poster

Below is a photo of Andrew Lavigne placing a wiresless microphone unit on the back of April’s skirt.

3 Andrew putting wireless microphone on April

Below is a photo of April with Kris Krug ( KK), another one of AHA MEDIA’s advisors and mentors 🙂

4 April with KK before speech

Below is a photo of April with Elijah van der Giessen, organizer of Net Tuesday

4B April with Eli

Below are two photos of April Smith making her presentation. Photos  were taken by Alain Assailly, Journalist of The/La Source newspaper.

5 April Speaking at CBC Broadcast Centre in Vancouver

6 April Speaking 2 at CBC Broadcast Centre

Below is speech made by April Smith of AHA MEDIA  to Net Tuesday group at CBC.

Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA is filming and documenting her presentation.


Hi Everybody! 🙂

I’m April Smith and I’d like to thank you all for giving me this great opportunity to speak before you here at CBC as many of you usually see me behind a camera filming you  at many of our past events 🙂

I first learned my skills though the Fearless City Mobile Project funded by Heritage Canada and Bell

Fearless City Mobile was DEVELOPED AS a two way RICH MEDIA FILE SHARING SYSTEM for marginalized residents and artists of Vancouver‘s Downtown Eastside.  It’s an interactive communication system that can stream multiple feeds to public live screens. Fearless has been breaking the digital divide for 2 years by empowering locals with mobile technology.  Fearless runs programs and events to support creation of community generated media.

As Fearless City Mobile developed as a social enterprise within W2, which is the new Community Media Arts Centre,  several of us graduates were inspired to keep learning and went on to found a company called AHA MEDIA. This year we will be advancing our business and expanding our networks with the support of W2’s Incubator program and with the broader social media network in the city. 

 We began documenting our further journey into social media by virtue of becoming hyper local, new media citizen journalists reporting on the positive stories of the Downtown Eastside residents.

  We have expanded our repertoire of tools across a broad variety of multimedia storytelling platforms.  In addition to being citizen journalists, we’re also mobile media content producers who use cameraphones to make photos, twitter updates and videos both static and livestreaming for Greater Vancouver area clients, events and organizations.

 We produce rich multimedia content and footage to document, promote and archive any presentation or live event.

 By our work, we’re helping to create social change by using social media to raise awareness of the stories out there for Vancouver.

 In the future, AHA MEDIA will be working with W2, the new Community Media Arts Centre located in the new Woodwards building downtown and more partners in the social media and tech world here in Vancouver 🙂

 I’m very pleased to chat with anyone who may be interested in hiring us for their next project.  Our site is at and on twitter I’m @AprilFilms , @AHAMEDIA @April

Thanks very much for listening to me 🙂


7 April after CBC speech

Below is a photo of Alden Habacon, Manager of  Diversity Initiatives at CBC Television

Alden from CBC talking

Below is a photo of April standing with CBC signs

April standing with CBC signs

Below is a photo of April Smith, Alain Assailly and Peter Davies taking an artistic photograph of themselves in a elevator at CBC.

April, Alain, Peter in a CBC elevator

Below is a photo of Alain and April enjoying a sushi dinner with Peter after Net Tuesday at CBC Vancouver 🙂

Sushi dinner after #NetTuesday

Sushi celebration dinner

AHA MEDIA is very honored to be featured in “With Glowing Hearts” the movie directed by Andrew Lavigne and produced by Jon Ornoy of Animal Mother Films

August 10, 2009 2 comments
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “With Glowing Hearts“, posted with vodpod




A Social Media revolution has been brewing for the past five years on websites from FaceBook, to Wikipedia, to Flickr, and as it spreads throughout the Internet and into popular culture through an increasing number of portals, it is creating a new sense of community and empowerment amongst those who have embraced it.

History has shown that poor and marginalized communities stand to gain the most from leaps forward in the democratization of information, so the excitement in areas like Vancouver’s maligned Downtown Eastside about the possibilities of Web 2.0 and beyond is palpable.

With the Winter Olympics less than a year away, billions have been spent in preparations and many poverty advocates are concerned about how the city’s several thousand homeless and working poor will fit into the equation as Vancouver puts on its best face for the world.

Against this background the film examines Social Media in action as a group named Fearless City embarks on a campaign to empower and protect its neighbours with cellphones, video-streaming, and the World Wide Web.

With great thanks to both our mentors, Andrew Lavigne and Jon Ornoy for a wonderful movie trailer! 🙂

Thanks to all our friends and our colleagues in the film ” With Glowing Hearts” 🙂