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AHA MEDIA is very honored to screen their “12 Days of Olympics” films at Centre A on Sat Feb 20, 2010 from 7-9pm in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

February 18, 2010 2 comments

AHA MEDIA is pleased to invite you to our global online screening and world film premiere of our  films both titled – 12 Days of Olympics” about life in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside during the 2010 Winter Olympics at Centre A – on this Saturday Feb 20, 2010 from 7pm to 9pm!

AHA MEDIA is so very honored to have this great opportunity to share our two Olympic films from Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Canada  with people in Yokahama, Japan during Jun Oenoki’s Yokohama-Vancouver, a Skype Festivity and LiveStreaming with Nine Key Art Organization, alternative space and live party

During this time, our films will be shown on the large front windows so both the online and street community of Vancouver Downtown Eastside can share in this global screening and exchange!

Through our linked online community presence using Social Media Tools such as Twitter, Flickr, Ustream and Skype, both cities of Vancouver Downtown Eastside  in Canada and Yokohama in Japan will be able to see, hear and share  a 2 way interactive conversation about our community, media, art, activism and most importantly – our neighborhood residents!

Large projections play on the Centre A’s exterior windows. Video content includes work by various artists, live broadcast of performances, “skype” teas and the documentation of the World Tea Party in different contexts.

Presented in partnership with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad. As a part of the City of Vancouver ‘s Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program: Bright Light


Jun Oenoki, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Tokyo Keizai University and artist-in-residence at Centre A, will produce a teleconference from 7 – 9pm  in Japanese and English, with Nine Key art organizations in Yokohama, Japan which will be streamed live to the Internet and a live party by Skype between Yokahama, Japan and Vancouver, Canada will allow both cities share a 2 way interactive dialogue about media, art and activism with each other!

A live streaming with Nine key art organization, alternative space and live party in Yokohama, Japan by Skype. Including, “Sixsquarebridge“,”Yokohama Creativecity Center“, “Noge Hana*Hana“, “BankART NYK/KOJIMA RADIO“, “KOTOLAB,LLC/YOKOHAMA HOSTEL VILLAGE“, “KOTOBUKI CREATIVE ACTION“, “Kanagawa University SOGABE-ken“, “KOGANECHO AREA MANAGEMENT CENTER“, and “YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE 2011” talking about long term urban revitalizing projects initiated by the city of Yokohama in collaboration with artists and architects and  the local community


April Smith of AHA MEDIA from Vancouver Downtown Eastside’s two films which are both entitled “The 12 Days of Olympics” gives viewers the two perspectives of how Vancouver Downtown Eastside residents and their lives are affected by this historic event of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Presenting 2 sides of this event allowed the residents to voice their opinions through a musical and film format to reach a world wide audience

April Smith is an avid new media videographer based in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside and is a co founder of AHA MEDIA.
Her interests are documention of daily life in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside area, highlighting the positive while bringing to light the injustices that occur in the neighborhood. April has filmed her observations, some subversive and situational, of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside over the last 2 years.

April is a cheerleader for Positive community building and outreach,  through arts, music, and advocacy in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside.

Using social media, new media, mobile media, and now filmmaking, to get her people’s stories and voices across, April hopes to reach and communicate with a world wide audience by utilizing both online and offline ways for social change and justice

Photos of April Smith by Simon Hayter


Centre A is pleased to present World Tea Party, animated by tea master and calligrapher Bryan Mulvihill (aka Trolley Bus). Truly one of Vancouver’s “living cultural treasures”, Mulvihill has produced a special edition of The World Tea Party for the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

Previous versions have been presented publics large and small in a wide range of contexts, including the Winnipeg Pan Am Games, the Venice Biennale, the National Gallery of Canada, the Hollywood Bowl and the Eiffel Tower.

The World Tea Party is based on the notion that humanity shares in the drinking of tea a spirit of generosity and understanding that both celebrates and transcends our cultural diversity. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world.

The World Tea Party is a “social sculpture” that involves the creative empowerment of the audience. The tea salon is a meeting place. Its interactive aspect makes it a suitable vehicle for a debate about the relationship between the Olympics and the Downtown Eastside.

Free Tea and Big Video

In the afternoon, tea is offered for free, both inside the gallery and at times on the street. From 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, large projections play on the building’s exterior windows. Video content includes work by various artists, live broadcast of performances, “skype” teas and the documentation of the World Tea Party in different contexts.……


AHA MEDIA gives Great Thanks to Hank Bull and Makiko Hara of Centre A along with Christoph Runne of Interurban Gallery  for this wonderful opportunity for us to show our lives in the Downtown Eastside during the 2010 Winter Olympics

AHA MEDIA is very proud to attend Fearless City Mobile Project Meeting on Wednesday Jan 13, 2010

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AHA MEDIA is very proud to attend Fearless City Mobile Project Meeting on Wednesday Jan 13, 2010

W2’s Fearless City Mobile is recruiting Vancouver DTES residents and artists for an exciting mobile video streaming showcase of ideas and views from our neighbourhood.

VJs (video jockeys) will remix live videos created by participants and project a mashup on giant screens from the large window facade of the new W2 Cafe site inside the Woodward’s Atrium. (The W2 Cafe will not open in the Woodward’s Atrium until late April). The mobile video mix will also be viewed on a screen at the W2 Culture + Media House – our space at 112 W Hastings.

Fearless City Mobile has a successful track record of empowering local residents with access to technology, and helped launch other projects in the neighbourhood like AHA Media. Funding for this February program is from CODE Live (Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition) and the City of Vancouver’s Bright Lights. For project background, check out these samples of previous test events: showing Fearless participants learning about mobile video and VJing are Vision Division; with mobile streaming from DTES locations and our shopping cart screen; mixing it up with VJs and DJs at Tech Forms; in Ottawa for BC Scene with VJs remixing streaming connections from seven galleries and layered social media together.

Meeting: every Wednesday 1-3 PM W2 Perel Gallery 112 West Hastings @Abbott. Weekly Fearless City Mobile training and peer support sessions (lunch included) every Wednesday. We will be providing an honorarium for Fearless City Mobile Project participants and we especially encourage our original 2008 Fearless City crew to come and work and create again

I encourage everyone to sign up as a member on W2 Community Media Arts site on and come join us!

Please also join Fearless City Mobile on W2 after you sign up.

If you use Twitter add: @W2Woodwards and @FearlessCity

See you soon! 🙂