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April Smith of AHA MEDIA is proud to speak at Net Tuesday event for “Online Video for Non Profits”

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Net Tuesday or NetSquared Local groups are monthly events that take place in cities around the world. These events serve as a great opportunity to convene local communities to share ideas, learn from each other, and even collaborate on projects for real world impact. These gatherings provide a chance to connect for all those interested in the intersection of social technologies and social change in your local community. Members of local groups represent nonprofit organizations and foundations, government agencies and service providers, designers and developers, innovators and social entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, November 2 · 5:30pm – 8:00pm
W2 Storyeum, 151 W Cordova


A 30-minute overview of the Youtube grants for nonprofits program, plus a demonstration of some fun features like captioning and translation, annotations and call-to-action overlays.

A 1-hour panel with seasoned experts working in the field who will address the hows and whys of video for nonprofit. How can video help advance your mission? Is it worth your time? Where can you find help in creating a video? How do you promote your video? What makes a “viral video”?

Panelists include:

+ Steve Rosenberg, Pull Focus Film School (a nonprofit film school)
+ Devon Wong, David Suzuki Foundation (video intern)
+ Steve Anderson, (creator of several videos that went “viral”)
+ April Smith, AHA MEDIA

A special thanks goes to our sponsor, W2 Community Media Arts Society, who provided the venue.

More details at

Silly squirrel playing with a sock!

April 18, 2010 1 comment

In this photo and video, Stephen Hill of the Fearless City Mobile Project and Advisor to AHA MEDIA films a silly squirrel playing with a sock! 🙂

This video was filmed by Stephen Hill of Fearless City Mobile Project and given to April Smith of AHA MEDIA to upload. Stephen Hill filmed this video on a New Media camera – Kodak Zi6.

Both AHA MEDIA and Fearless City Mobile Project are about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or

Revival of weekly Fearless City meetings, Wednesdays at W2 Culture + Media House

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Orientation Meeting: Wednesdays 1-3 PM W2 Perel Gallery 112 West Hastings @Abbott

Fearless DTES residents are invited!

W2’s Fearless City Mobile is recruiting DTES residents and artists for an exciting mobile video streaming showcase of ideas and views from our neighbourhood. VJs (video jockeys) will remix live videos created by participants and project a mashup on giant screens from the large window facade of the new W2 Cafe site inside the Woodward’s Atrium. W2 is slowly opening in stages in the heart of the Woodward’s project with the Cafe opening first.

Fearless City Mobile has a successful track record of empowering local residents with access to technology, and helped launch other projects in the neighbourhood like AHA Media. Funding for this February program is from CODE Live (Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition) and the City of Vancouver’s Bright Lights. For project background, check out these samples of previous test events: showing Fearless participants learning about mobile video and VJing are Vision Division; with mobile streaming from DTES locations and our shopping cart screen; mixing it up with VJs and DJs at Tech Forms; in Ottawa for BC Scene with VJs remixing streaming connections from seven galleries and layered social media together.

Orientation Meeting: Wednesdays 1-3 PM W2 Perel Gallery 112 West Hastings @Abbott. Weekly Fearless City Mobile training and peer support sessions (lunch included) every Wednesday. We will be providing an honorarium for Fearless City Mobile Project participants and we especially encourage our original 2008 Fearless City crew to come and work and create again.

AHA MEDIA is very proud to introduce a new look to AHA MEDIA’s Website

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Welcome to the new look for AHA MEDIA online! 🙂

A sleek new design means faster access to what AHA MEDIA is known for  primarily…

1) Social Media Content Production, Promotion, Documentation and Archiving of Events, Projects and more

2) Hyper Local Citizen Journalism Coverage – A  media outlet for people of  Vancouver and Downtown Eastside  to help tell their own  stories. Through our social media campaigns we aim to bring an awareness to the Social Justice issues that affect our area

AHA MEDIA is proud to be involved in our Vancouver Downtown Eastside Community!  🙂

  • Facilitate others in social media literacy and campaign building
  • Community engagement and outreach with social media
  • Peer advocacy and awareness for our neighborhood residents.
  • Active participation in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside
  • Media representation and speaking engagements

Three upcoming and ongoing projects that AHA MEDIA is involved in

1 ) Filming 3 satirical/parody remakes of a “Holiday themed” song involving residents of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside.

2) Part of W2 Community Media Art’s Fearless City Mobile Project – helping to do livestreaming and engage  with the Downtown Eastside . We  will include their personal thoughts and stories in a very participatory way.

3) Being filmed and documented ourselves for With Glowing Hearts, an independent film about social justice, social media, Olympics and the Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Thanks everyone for supporting AHA MEDIA! We really appreciate it! 🙂

AHA MEDIA was pleased to attend BOB’s Christmas Open House 2009 at Main and Pender in Vancouver

December 18, 2009 2 comments

AHA MEDIA was pleased to attend BOB’s Christmas Open House at Main and Pender in Vancouver.  Their new location was beautifully decorated and very spacious… located right at Main and Pender in Vancouver

Based in Vancouver B.C., Building Opportunities with Business (BOB) is a non-profit organization that is championing an inclusive revitalization process for the inner-city that values existing businesses and residents. BOB is a connector, a resource and a facilitator working to: strengthen the inner-city’s community capacity; identify and build on untapped business opportunities; improve employment opportunities and retention; and increase investment in Vancouver’s inner-city.


In this photo is Libby Davies – MP for Vancouver East


In this photo – Shirley Chan – CEO of BOB and husband Steve Hopkins


In this photo, AndrewMuskieMcKay – Industry Initiatives Coordinator for BOB


In this photo, Shirley Chan presents a certificate to London Drugs at Woodwards


In this photo, Shirley Chan presents to Nester’s Market at Woodwards


In this photo is Kerry Jang, Vancouver City Councillor and Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster


In this photo, AndrewMuskieMcKay,  Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA, Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster


In this photo, Irwin Oostindie – Executive Director of W2 Community Media Arts, David Lee, Toby Barrazoul and Peter Davies


In this photo, Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA at BOB’s Christmas Open House

To see all 15 photos of BOB’s Christmas Open House 2009, please see our Flickr


Co-Working Opportunities are available at BOB.
To further our mission we would like to make available to select partners, individuals, and businesses the main floor of 163 East Pender Street. We hope that this open shared work space can contribute to the revitalization of the inner-city by providing a space for creative professionals to flourish, for ideas to percolate, to cross pollinate, for businesses to grow, a place where stuff gets done.

What we’re offering is a work surface, be it a desk, a chair, a table, a couch, or the bay window, wherever you’re most comfortable.

Of course we’ll offer wi-fi and other niceties such as an electronic white board and a projector to facilitate discussion and creative thinking. There’s a fridge for your food, a microwave, filtered water cooler, and secure storage for your bike.

The price is a flat $200 per month and includes keyless access.

We’re looking for creative professionals, progressive thinkers, the socially responsible and ecologically conscious who want to be surrounded by others of like mind.

Folks who want more than a cubicle and a 9 to 5 and dream of bigger things and a better Vancouver to call home.

If this sounds like you, contact Andrew “Muskie” McKay 778-328-7672 or write