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AHA MEDIA at Nokia Tweetup for Social Media Week Vancouver 2011

September 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Nokia sponsored a wonderful time for us at Cinema Restaurant in Vancouver for Social Media Week Vancouver 2011

Tom Hall and Kathy Garfield welcomed us warmly to our fun filled evening!   Connecting with old friends like Daniel of Nokia Love blog and Shane Gibson made our time extra special!

Highlight of the evening was when our dear friend Miraj Khaled was the lucky winner of a fabulous Nokia N8 for being the eighth person to arrive at our tweetup!

Nokia truly connects people! We had a very memorable evening socializing with our friends 🙂

Thanks Nokia for sponsoring such a wonderful event during Social Media Week 2011 in Vancouver!

April, Peter and Hendrik of AHA MEDIA

April and Tom sharing smiles!

Lovely Nokia swag!

Nokia C7 and X7 smartphones

April livestreaming on a N97 mini

Kathy and her N8

April’s N97 mini with Kathy’s N8

Hendrik sampling delicious food

Daniel of Nokia Love blog with April

Daniel trying on Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth headphones

Jon Ornoy of With Glowing Hearts chat with Tom

 April and a new C7

Tom taking a photo on his N8

Miraj is the lucky winner of a New N8!  Congrads Miraj!

Miraj unboxing his new N8!

Miraj with Kathy

Happiness is a Nokia smartphone according to Miraj and April

Lucky winner of a I ♥ N8 t-shirt

Beautiful Nokia C7 and X7 smartphones!

Richard of AHA MEDIA with Shane Gibson

Cheers to Nokia and Social Media Week 2011

AHA MEDIA Livestreamed Human Rights and Media Matters forum at W2 Storyeum in Vancouver

December 10, 2010 1 comment
By Staff, December 9, 2010

A public forum called “Human Rights and Media Matters” is being held tonight (December 9) at W2 Storyeum in Vancouver.

Georgia Straight editor Charlie Smith is moderating the discussion, which is being cohosted by the Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society, the Chinese Canadian National Council, and the W2 Community Media Arts Society.

The panel features B.C. Civil Liberties Association executive director David Eby, Downtown Eastside activist Tami Starlight, antiracist activist Harsha Walia, and UBC history professor Henry Yu.

Here’s the live stream from April Smith of AHA Media.

Below is Sid Tan, organizer of “Human Rights and Media Matters” forum at W2 with Irwin Oostindie watching

Below is Tami Starlight, Henry Yu, Charlie Smith and David Eby

Below is a photo of AHA MEDIA’s Mac with Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N8 smart cameraphones

Below is Nokia N97 mini livestreaming

Below is filming with Nokia N8 and livestreaming Nokia N97 mini

Below is David Eby and Harsha Walia

Below is Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA filming with a Nokia N8

Below is Tami Starlight with Henry Yu

Below is Charlie Smith, Editor of Georgia Straight

Below is Sudha Krishna asking a question

Below is Miraj Khaled asking a question

Below is MLA Mable Elmore for Vancouver-Kensington

Below is Sean Gunn

Below is Lani Russwurm, Stephan and Miraj

See all “Human Rights and Media Matters ” livestream at

Day 2 of Nokia #N97minitour from Vancouver to Salmon Arm, BC

July 7, 2010 3 comments

A bright and sunny day heralded Day 2 of Nokia #N97minitour from Canada Place, Vancouver to Salmon Arm, BC showcasing the Nokia N97 mini smartphone

See livestream videos of today’s trip using a Nokia N97 mini smartphone at, and, they will be in reverse chronological order

In this video is a first look at Nokia #N97minitour RV at Canada Place, Vancouver with fellow crew members, Tom Hall, John Biehler, Daniel and Michael Kwan

Below is a photo of an Nokia N97 mini with a Snaptu desktop

Below are photos of the interior of the Nokia #N97minitour RV

Below is a photo with Nokia smartphones N900, N97 mini and NE71

Below is a photo of the Nokia #N97minitour RV parked at our first stop at Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack, BC

Below is a photo of Chris and Tom having lunch at Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack, BC

Below is a photo of Tom Hall filming Daniel and Michael Kwan holding Day 1 Nokia N97 mini challenge

Below is Tom Hall taking a photo of our #N97minitour RV while we stop for a nature walk at Silver Rails in Coquihalla Canyon Recreation Area

Below is a photo of Nokia N97 mini in #N97minitour RV, taken from back of the vehicle towards the front

Below is a photo of Michael Kwan using his Nokia N97 mini while arriving in Salmon Arm, BC

Below is a livestream video of our Nokia #N97minitour arrival at Super 8 in Salmon Arm, BC

Below is a photo of the VERY EXPENSIVE Room Rate for a Single, 2 Persons, 1 Bed at $1119.95 Daily

Below are photos of the Nokia #N97minitour crew at Settler’s Pub in Salmon Arm

Below is a video where Tom Hall of WOMWorld Nokia films on a Nokia N97 mini the crew of Nokia #N97minitour showing the results of First Minotaur challenge and day’s thoughts in Salmon Arm, BC

Below is a photo of our four Nokia N97 mini smartphones all combined to make up our #N97minitour crew logo – the “Minotaur”

In the next photo and video, Tom Hall of WOMWorld Nokia speaks on when they decided to surprise three UK bloggers with a full on N97 mini delivery and loud mariachi band as part of Nokia Human Research to crew members of #N97minitour in Salmon Arm, BC

Below is a video from WOMWorld Nokia showing Tom Hall delivering Nokia N97 minis  while a Mariachi Band plays the Nokia Theme Song

All preceeding photos and videos were filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on either a Nokia N97 mini cameraphone or a New Media camera – Panasonic DMC-ZS3. AHA MEDIA is about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of this video or for additional footage, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or

Mobile Media Strategies by Irwin Oostindie and April Smith at Fresh Media event at W2 Perel Gallery

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

W2 Community Media Arts  is hosting Fresh Media festival ,  happening right  now at W2 Perel Gallery 112 West Hastings by Abbott in Vancouver

Fresh Media Time Table



Irwin Oostindie and April Smith spoke on Mobile Media Strategies –  and gave a live demonstration on Qik software livestreaming using WIFI on a Nokia N95 cellphone

Mobile Media Workshop

Below is a photo of Irwin Oostindie speaking on different applications with mobile media. Jon Ornoy and Riel of Animal Mother Films together with Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA listen

Jon, Riel, Peter, Irwin


Below is a photo of April Smith after being livestreamed to play onto Qik’s website on a Mac Book Pro from an Nokia N95

April on Screen


Below is a photo of April Smith discussing Livestream Video links being embeded into websites with Yuliya Talmazan

April wth Yuliya


Below is a photo of Anne Marie Slater – Artist/Photographer and Curator of a Children’s Photo/Video Walk exhibit using Cellphone Cameras,

April Smith of W2,

and Gillian Shaw – Digital Life Journalist for the Vancouver Sun Newspaper

Anne Marie, April, Gillian

April Smith is proud to speak on Mobile Media Strategies with Irwin Oostindie at Fresh Media on Saturday Oct 24, 2009

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment



Saturday 1:50-2:40 Oct 24th

Mobile Media Strategies

A discussion and hands-on learning about mobile media projects and how
people use mobile technology for journalism, self-expression, and human rights documentation.

Hands-on demos and discussions will show you how to stream mobile video using a variety of free apps like Vimeo, Qik, Livecast and more. Learn about W2’s Fearless City Mobile project and its plans for 2010.


Mobile Media Strategies 1:50 – 2:40pm Saturday Oct 24th, 2009

Irwin Oostindie and April Smith work with Fearless City Mobile in the DTES.

April at Table

W2 Community Media Arts Society
> Perel Building, 112 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1G8