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AHA MEDIA attended Game Five of the WHL Western Conference between Vancouver Giants and Kelowna Rockets

April 27, 2009 Leave a comment

giants-5-8AHA MEDIA was pleased to be able to attend the fifth game of the WHL Western Conference between Vancouver Giants and Kelowna Rockets. :)


AHA MEDIA was able to go to this game courtesy to Graham Lloyd , Account Manager, 99.3 The FOX


Thanks Graham! :)


The Vancouver Giants have once again put themselves squarely behind the eight ball by losing the pivotal fifth game in the WHL Western conference final to the Kelowna Rockets 1-0 on Saturday at the Coliseum. They also trailed their semi final series with the Spokane Chiefs 3-2 before winning the final two games to advance to the finals against the Rockets. 

The Giants will be hard pressed to repeat that feat against a bigger, tougher Kelowna squad however. The Calgary Hitmen await the winner of this series, considered by many knowledgeable observers as the best Junior team in the country.


The first period was a close checking affair for most of the period with the Rockets scoring the games only goal late in the first amid a scramble in front of the Vancouver net. The officials allowed both teams to play and penalty calls were rare. Kelowna outshot the Giants by a 12 to 6 margin in the first.



The second period saw more of the same tight checking action with both teams managing only four shots on net each. The Giants appeared to have evened the score late in the second when the puck went into the net past the Rocket goalie at 2:16 left in the period. The goal was disallowed after video review determined that the puck was kicked into the net by the Vancouver player. The Rockets thoroughly out hustled the Giants in this period.



The final frame saw the Giants finally put pressure on the Kelowna squad and in fact forced three Kelowna penalties in a row. They even had a two-man advantage for a minute and a half but could not solve the Rockets’ netminder. The final shot on goal tally was 25-23 in favor of the Giants.


Once again the size advantage showed as the Rockets out muscled and out hustled the Giants at every turn pushing them of the puck and forcing turnovers. The3 Vancouver side will have it’s work cut out for them in game six at a tough Kelowna building.  


Go Giants! 🙂




AHA MEDIA attended Game One of the WHL Western Conference between Vancouver Giants and Kelowna Rockets

April 19, 2009 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA was pleased to be able to attend the first game of the WHL Western Conference between Vancouver Giants and Kelowna Rockets. 🙂


AHA MEDIA was able to go to this game courtesy to Graham Lloyd , Account Manager, 99.3 The FOX


Thanks Graham! 🙂



Over 8500 people packed Pacific Coliseum at 7pm Saturday April 18th




Game one of the WHL western conference finals played on Saturday night was an inauspicious start for the Vancouver Giants. They lost 4 to 2 to the Kelowna Rockets, a bigger, more physical team and it showed as the Giants were out-hustled and out-muscled in the first of a best of seven series.




            The first period was a fairly even session with no goals scored and the Giants out shooting the visitors by a 10 to 6 margin.


During Intermission, The Timbit League of young girls came out and showed off their skills.




Things started to unravel in the second period as the Rockets scored three unanswered goals and completely dominated the Giants at both ends of the rink. In fact the Giants did not even manage their first shot on goal until almost fifteen minutes had elapsed. That first shot was in fact a disallowed goal when video review determined that the Giants player pushed the puck past the Rockets goalie with his fist. The Giants were out-shot by a 15 to 4 measure in the second frame.




The Giants finally figured out the Rockets air tight defense in the third period  with an early power play marker Lance Bouma They followed it up with another score by James Henry when the Rocket’s goaltender let in a soft goal with 6 minutes left in the game.







It was a close as the Giants would get however as the Rockets shut down the home side down the stretch and salted away the win with an empty netter in the final minute.



The Giants will have to deal with the physical presence of the Rockets if they hope to prevent a replay of this troubling performance exhibited in game one. The many Kelowna fans in attendance were vocally pleased with their team’s performance. One thing to remember, however, is that Giants coach Don Hay has shown that he will always make the adjustments required to be successful. He will have to because the Giants certainly do not want to go into Kelowna 2 games down in the series.





AHA MEDIA hopes that for Game 2 at 5pm Sunday April 19th, things turn around for our Vancouver Giants! 🙂




Go Giants! 🙂



More photos of this game are available on our Flickr page 🙂

AHA MEDIA attended the first performance of “A Streetcar Named Desire” at Ballet BC

April 18, 2009 1 comment

AHA MEDIA attended the first performance of ” A Streetcar Named Desire” by Ballet BC at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Downtown Vancouver.

” Based on the 1947  Tennessee Williams Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, A Streetcar Named Desire is a highly dramatic contemporary ballet. This full-length work includes Alleyne’s unique signature choreography as well an innovative lighting, set and costume design, and an original jazz score. Wrought iron fretwork and hanging Spanish moss help to capture the sensuality and moodiness of the Old French Quarter in New Orleans”


AHA MEDIA was able to watch this amazing and powerful ballet with complimentary tickets courtesy of Graham Lloyd Account Manager, 99.3 The FOX 
Thanks Graham! 🙂
  In the following video, April films the stage and the crowd settling into  the Queen Elizabeth Theatre before turning off the camera as filming is not allowed during the performance 🙂


This was filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a Nokia N95 mobile cameraphone. April is passionate and skilled in making Nokia films by exploring mobile media production through the camera lens of a cellphone. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter.


A Message from John Alleyne, Artistic Director of Ballet BC

“It is a great pleasure to see this powerful ballet appear on stage once again. Premiered to great acclaim in 2006, A Streetcar Named Desire is based on Tennesse William’s theatrical tour de force and brings us themes of vitality, fragility, cruelty, promiscuity, and social realism; themes which we are reminded of from the issues and images of life around us. In particular, while creating this ballet I was struck by the struggle between gentility and commoness as well as the dying aristocracy and vital working class. This full lengt ballet would not be what it is without the music of BC’s own composer Tobin Stokes. Tonight you will hear the recorded version of his original score that was part of a true symbiosis of music and dance. Thank you for your continued support of Ballet British Columia and please enjoy the performance.”


As it was AHA MEDIA ‘s  first time at the ballet, we were mesmerized and awed by the sheer agility and grace of all the dancers. We were amazed how all elements of a successful and professional performance all seemlessly blended together to entertain the audience.

 From how lighting added to the mood as well as the music helped captured each moment from raw emotion, to extreme joy between characters to touching, heart-breaking poignant scenes. The stage moved from scene to scene smoothly and the dancer’s beautiful and appropriately themed costumed added to the telling of the story.

Being at the ballet is quite an rare, beautiful and artistic event to enjoy, there are no words spoken, only the fluidity of the dancer’s bodies to emote the stories being told the audience.

A Streetcar Named Desire’s  original music  glorious costumes, appropriate props and mood lighting all coordinated flawlessly to give us that all around ereathral, and life changing experience 🙂

 All scenes are performed on one stage, from “memories” of the past being enacted by other dancers to other background performers  helping build and round out the main stage scene – giving a truly mult-faceted event for the human mind and soul to learn, absorb and enjoy! 🙂

 What a truly memorable experience for AHA MEDIA! We feel we have grown as humans and artists. We feel more emotionally intelligent for having watched a performance by Ballet BC.  As we usually have been covering news and event, it’s a blessing to come and see a live show! We felt that our souls were nourished with the beauty of the dancers acting out the story of “A Streetcar Named Desire” 🙂

This is truly the best type of performance art, where the epitome of our best dancers are able to translate to the audience what’s happening in the story! 🙂

“Every picture tells a story!” – Ballet BC


If AHA MEDIA were to echo parrellisms  from the performance of “A Streetcar Named Desire” where it  depicts the ” struggle between gentility and commonness as well as the dying aristocracy and vital working class”, We as hyper local community reporters and citizen journalists from the Vancouver Downtown Eastside know very well the incoming and ongoing changes to our area – our neighborhood faces  a shift in our community dynamics with the revitalization and gentrification that goes on …to even how some of our folks experiencing grief, loss, trauma, mental illness every day.

“Suddenly, Blanche is all-alone. She has lost her grip on reality, but she smiles and is more old-fashioned and gracious than ever. A doctor and medical attendant help Blanche to her feet. Blanche is calm now, ready to depend henceforward on “the kindness of strangers.” Wherever they may be taking her, it will be better and fuller than her past life has been.”

AHA MEDIA seeks to report on our neighborhood and to give a voice to our Vancouver Downtown Eastside citizens who may be facing struggles everyday which have  the same “themes of vitality, fragility, cruelty, promiscuity, and social realism; themes which we are reminded of from the issues and images of life around us” from the performance “A Streetcar Named Desire”


AHA MEDIA encourages everybody, ( if they’re able ) to watch  a performance of “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Ballet BC , on now from April 16 – 18th! 🙂


AHA MEDIA’s Media Coverage of the 1st Annual Wine and Jazz Festival of Vancouver at Capone’s Restaurant in Yaletown

April 16, 2009 2 comments

AHA MEDIA attended the 1st Annual Wine and Jazz Festival of Vancouver at Capone’s Restaurant in Yaletown.


While our focus is being hyper local citizen journalists from the Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES ), we are learning to become social media event reporters for Vancouver’s technology, social media and twitter world.

 We were proud  and thankful to be invited by Graham Lloyd, Account Manager, 99.3 The FOX ! 🙂 and Daniela Vecchione, Marketing Manager of Capone’s Restaurant.

Below is a photo, Peter Davies, Reporter for AHA MEDIA and Lorraine Murphy of Raincoaster Media at the opening of the festival.


Capone’s welcomes us with  printed materials of the week  long  Wine and Jazz festival and upcoming events 🙂


Here is a photo of Capone’s upon walking in. A lively vibrant place! 🙂


Below is Raul Pacheco of   grins his very charming smile for AHA MEDIA, while Lorraine Murphy looks on and smiles 🙂


Two of the Wine Merchants giving away wine tastings. Very Crowded around the wine tasting area! 🙂


Below is a photo of John Chow of as he contemplates the “rose” wine  swirling in his glass 🙂


 The 1st Annual Wine and Jazz Festival in Vancouver was completed by the  fantastic jazz played by Legendary Jazzman Wes Mackey !! 🙂  He will be having his new CD Launch party at Capone’s Restaurant soon! Stay Tuned! 🙂


Thanks to Capone’s Restaurant for putting on a fabulous event for us to enjoy! 🙂

More photos on our Flickr Page 🙂