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3rd Annual Community Christmas Craft Fair 2012 in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

December 15, 2012 Leave a comment

The Community Christmas Craft Fair is a unique experience to support low-income women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Crafts are affordably priced, vendors are part of a supportive community that the public is welcomed into, and the event has no cost to vendors which means all proceeds go directly to the artists. Not only that, but submission to the fair is restricted to low-income residents in the DTES, many of whom are involved in drug and alcohol treatment and employment training programs.

STATUS: A Community Dialogue on HIV/AIDS Services, Supports and Prevention Strategies for Women in the DTES

June 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Presented by PHS Community Services Society and PHS Drug Users Resources Centre

Presented for Support Workers, Service Providers and Peer Workers

Hastings Folk Garden at 117 East Hastings, right beside InSite in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

June 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Excited DTES residents prepare Hastings Folk Garden for new planting season!

Below is Jim speaking about prepping the soil, planting seeds and having events!


Our vision is: To create a welcoming, beautiful, safe place for community members to enjoy as a calm green space where they can engage in therepeutic activities; To link supportive programming from the Lifeskills Centre and greater PHS Community Service


In March come get involved in preparing the garden for the growing season: turn over the soil, get your hands dirty, help us build planter boxes, benches and vertical garden space out of recycled materials! Come ask at Lifeskills if you want to get involved: tel 604 678 8278

In April the garden will be open Noon – 3 Weekdays for community access!

Smudges are Ongoing!

Aboriginal Front Door cares for a Native Plant Garden within the space!

Past Events have included Sprouting Workshops and Outdoor Movies, look for these again in the summer!

Out On A Limb. Stories about growing up and growing older by The Only Animal with PHS Community Services in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

May 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Out On A Limb.  Stories about growing up and growing older

Bringing 100 youth and elders together to relate the passing of time and coming of age

Intergenerational.  Interspecies.  Interactive.

Fifty feet tall and 3 acres of video projection and sound installation in the trees

Community and professional artists working together

Produced by The Only Animal with PHS Community Services

Come hear, tell, and learn from a master storyteller. Weekly workshops on Saturdays through the summer. Facilitated and created by David Roche, Vanessa Richards, Eric Rhys Miller, Keith Murray, and Alex MacQueen with 100 community participants.

Open Workshops:
Saturdays 1 PM – 4 PM
April 28, May 26, June 23
Woodwards Sky Room
131 W. Hastings

Building a library for the Bosman Hotel Community in Vancouver

May 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Hendrik Beune and April Smith of AHA MEDIA are very happy to help a library with excited Bosman Hotel Community residents of the “At Home/ Chez Soi” project.

With a new library onsite, residents can improve their literacy and life skills through positive peer community engagement. Sharing books and new found knowledge brings friends closer together at the Bosman.

Over 100 people will now have access to books and resources to help enrich and support their lives.

Many thanks to the wonderful support from Angelika Sellick , Literacy Outreach Coordinator of  DTES Adult Literacy Roundtable and Megan Langley of Carnegie Centre Library.

Plans to build the Bosman library started a few months ago and our first donations have begun to arrive.

The official opening of the library is scheduled for Thursday 24 May 2012.

Located in the former Bosman’s Motor Hotel in downtown Vancouver, the Bosman is an important part of the Mental Health Commission’s At Home / Chez Soi initiative – the largest research project of its kind in the world studying mental illness and homelessness. In Vancouver, At Home / Chez Soi is focusing on people who also have substance abuse and addiction issues, and over the next four years will provide housing and support to 300 homeless mentally ill people in the city.

Liz Evans, Executive Director, PHS Community Services Society, said: “The Bosman project offers hope because it embraces the very values our society strives for – one that is inclusive and one that says that every life matters and every individual deserves a chance to be their best self. The Bosman is an exciting start to acknowledging that we can live in a community, in a city and in a country where fellow human beings living with a mental illness do not have to be sleeping on our streets.”

At Home/Chez Soi: Largest research project of its kind in the world

At Home/Chez Soi is a ground‐breaking national research project in five cities -Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto,Montreal and Moncton – to find the best way to provide housing and services to people who are living with mental illness and homelessness. Using a ‘Housing First‘ approach, the research project focuses on first providing people who are homeless with a place to live, and then the other assistance and services they require. The goal is to see if this approach is better than traditional care.

The research will help make Canada a world leader in providing better services to people living with homelessness and mental illness.

For more information on the At Home/Chez Soi project, please visit (English)

or (French).

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is a non-profit organization created to focus national attention on mental health issues and to work to improve the health and social outcomes of people living with mental illness.  In February 2008, the federal government allocated $110 million to the MHCC to find ways to help the growing number of people who are homeless and have a mental illness.  For more, visit

The PHS Community Services Society provides affordable, low-barrier supportive housing and services to marginalized people, many of whom suffer from mental illness, physical disabilities and addictions. These services include a supervised injection facility, detoxification and addiction recovery services, an art gallery, life skills training, low threshold employment and banking.