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Street Soccer Canada team from Vancouver Downtown Eastside present video of Homeless World Cup 2010 at First United Church

March 17, 2011 2 comments

Our local Street Soccer Canada team from Vancouver Downtown Eastside recently presented a video of their memories of their time at Homeless World Cup 2010 in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil to members of First United Church

FIRST UNITED CELEBRATION for 7th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver on Wednesday Nov 3, 2010

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Community Celebration
Wednesday November 3, 6pm
First United Church, 320 E. Hastings

Join in this regular weekly Celebration of life: be part of creating a new kind of community in old town Vancouver with supper, music and an inspirational talk. Tonight’s celebration welcomes a special musical guest Rick Lavallie, longtime neighbourhood favourite and entertainer. Ricky plays a hand drum and looks forward to sharing some tunes. The First United Church has been a strong long-time community presence in the Downtown Eastside with outreach services that include advocacy in mental health, housing and meal programs, Everyone welcome. Free

AHA MEDIA is very proud to help provide social media coverage of the 7th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver from Pre festival events starting Wed Oct 20, 2010 through to the Main Festival during Wed Oct 27 – Sun Nov 7, 2010

AHA MEDIA is about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of  video or for additional footage, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or

Please follow AHA MEDIA on Twitter , Facebook, Youtube and Qik

AHA MEDIA congrads First United Church for being the winning finalist of 25K from Pepsi Refresh Challenge for the Storage Facility in Vancouver Downtown Eastside!!!

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment
One by one we together make the difference. Sincere thanks to all who helped us end in 1st place & win $25k. Please take a moment to read the detailed thank you at :
Ric Matthews writes You should know how much we appreciate your support!

This morning at 9am in Vancouver we saw the visible confirmation on the web that we had finished first and qualified for $25,000 in the  refresheverything competition.  One by one and day by day hundreds of people from all across the world took time to make a difference. Each vote each day by each individual added futher impetus to an irresistable momentum. Each email, each facebook message, each simple face-to-face conversation that encouraged a friend or family member to vote propelled us onwards. You did this. We did this. Individually and together we clicked on computers and brought a community to life. We became a community – a community that included people who are homeless in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, and people who live in suburban homes on each of five continents; a community of all ages, genders, races, physical abilities, sexual orientation, and social circumstance. Together, one by one, we took the dream we supported and became it. We supported a vision and discovered we were living what we were reaching for.

You helped make it happen – you are what happened. Thank you!

We did far more than win a grant of $25,000. The momentum evoked other contributions: $35,000 from organisations like Face the World Foundation, the Hiros Foundation and the Schein Foundation; and $17,000 from individual donors. But more than providing capital in dollars it delivered social capital. An investment of people of themselves. The 24 hours in which the world watched in awe as 33 miners were freed from the dark to the light (each unknown and previously un-noticed man becoming a name and a personal story), left us all more human, more alive. The 2 months in which you and many others joined in a common vision and commitment (determined to save a storage facility for people who most of us do not know) leave us different, alive to possibililty and to Hope. The strangers we sought to support, became a part of our daily life. We stood (or sat at Computers) side by side with those we did not know and likely will never meet.  We embraced each other’s needs and celebrated each other’s contribution. Each of us knew “I cannot make a difference in this outcome without many others also having the same dedication to vote regularly – On my own I cannot make this happen”. We also each knew that “My vote is a critical piece of the whole – if all the ‘I’s” stop voting we will not save the storage facility”.  We knew we needed each other – and we knew ‘they need me’. We did this amazing thing because all the “you’s” and the “I’s” became a “We”.   We knew deeply and profoundly that as we committed to others being able to be more human, we became more human. We knew that “my humanity is fundamentally dependent on your humanity”. We touched and were touched by what Desmond Tutu calls “Ubuntu”.

Now our challenge lies in what we do with this momentum; how to direct and free the Hope to which we have given life. I am sure that what we have done together will continue to inspire us personally. I know it will spill into the lives of people who live in our homes and neighbourhoods. I dream that it will also draw us even more deeply into the community life at First United. Regardless of where you live, you have become part of this community – a member of this ridiculously hopeful family.

If you are not already on the mailing list, please consider sending us your contact details. (You can – And  I hasten to add, its your heart we need, not your money).

If you live within an hour of 320 East Hastings, please consider joining us on a Wednesday evening over supper (5.45pm to 7pm) or for the meals on Christmas day.

And whatever else you do, please forward this message to all those you asked to also vote over the past 2 months. You like they, have made a difference! You should know that one by one together, we want to thank you – just you! And especially you!

Vancouver Downtown Eastside members dance in the early morning of Canada Day 2010

July 1, 2010 2 comments

Members of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside dance to the song “If you could read my mind by Starz on 54 – 1998” played on the radio station The Beat 94.5 FM in the early morning of Canada Day 2010 in Vancouver

April Smith of AHA MEDIA is very proud to have an article on social housing on the Front Page of Vancouver Observer

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

A Public Hearing Meeting at Vancouver City Council for the development  permit application for the construction of 139 New Social Housing Units is front page on

City Hall meeting 1

Among the crowd of supporters were Downtown Eastside organizations such as CCAP, DERA, WISH, First United Church, UGM, as well as psychologists and area residents urging the building of  139 units of social housing

City Hall meeting 3

Please read the full article at Vancouver Observer

AHA MEDIA is proud to present – First United Church on Hastings Street in Vancouver Downtown Eastside to be part of First Tweetmyride Global Campaign To Raise $1 Million For Charity Via Twitter

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment



First United Church and First United Mission is an inner city ministry of the United Church … 320 Hastings Street E. Vancouver, BC, V6A 1P4 604 681-8365

First Tweetmyride Global Campaign To Raise $1 Million For Charity Via Twitter
Vancouver, Canada –

Around the world in the lead up to Vancouver-based Australian, Gavin Romanis, participating in the international mountain bike race, La Ruta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica from November 11-14, 2009

( – known as one of the toughest on the planet.

Inspired by Ashton Kutcher and CNN’s challenge to gain 1 million followers on Twitter, and fuelled by the vibrant biking community of Vancouver, Canada, the basis behind the tweetmyride global campaign is to encourage global giving to avariety of causes.

Co-founders Leoni Milano and Gavin Romanis integrated these ideas to create a campaign with global reach, utilizing Twitter to help achieve their goal to raise $1 million over the 4-month period that runs from July 30 – November 30, 2009.

“When I realised how gruelling La Ruta de los Conquistadores was going to be, I knew that I would need more than my own determination to get me through it – so the idea of doing it to help charities across the world seemed like the ideal inspiration” says Gavin Romanis, who has no prior experience in mountain bike racing, but was seduced by the challenge’s combination of travel and outdoor adventure.

Milano and Romanis wanted to create something that would have a global impact – hence the campaign’s tagline:

“Twitter has no boundaries – neither should we”. Tweetmyride will demonstrate the power of social networking and show that contributions – no matter how small – all help to build something incredibly worthwhile.

tweetmyride is a Twitter-driven global charity campaign, created to raise money for 10 charities

“There are literally thousands of charities out there doing incredible work, and we’re thrilled to have these carefully chosen charities on board. For some, this will be their first foray into experimenting with social networking and they have all embraced this unique style of fundraising and awareness with keen enthusiasm,” says co-founder Leoni Milano.

Twitter allows each of the charities the opportunity to connect and communicate on a more tangible level with their followers, donors and supporters, which in turn helps develop relationships for a deeper impact. It gives the charities a voice that helps people connect on a personal level, rather than just being a donor.

The campaign’s vision is to also encourage others to hold their own ‘tweetmyride’ biking events around the world and have family and friends donate (towards their rides) to the participating charities, which they can then tweet about.

Donors get to go online to the tweetmyride website and choose which charity they wish to support from those participating in the campaign. All donations will go directly to each charity.
The participating charities (including twitter names) being supported in the campaign are:

1. charity: water, USA –
2. First United Church, Canada –
3. Fred Hollows Foundation, Australia –
4. Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders, Canada –
5. National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia –
6. Oxfam Canada, Canada –
7. Starlight Children’s Foundation, Australia –
8. Team Fox for The Michael J. Fox Foundation, USA –
9. The CREAR Association, Costa Rica –
10. World Vision, UK –

Nora Weber

Media Relations

Terracom Communications

+1 425 418 4555

Leoni Milano, Co-founder


 +1 778 237 7840