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Victor Austin’s Honor Walk for Cancer from Vancouver to Prince George, BC

August 13, 2017 Leave a comment

Victor Austin is walking from Vancouver to Prince George, BC to raise awareness for Cancer Victims and to see his beloved father.

Donations are appreciated to support my Honor Walk for Cancer which are going to be used for food and lodging in my journey to see my Dad before his next surgery.

My email address for e-transfer is victoraustin2010 (@)

See more on the Facebook Event

I’m going to begin a journey to go see my Dad in Prince George BC Canada before his next and hopefully final cancer surgery on August 21st.

I’m doing this walk all Cancer victims.

Whether they are being treated for Cancer, or are Cancer survivors or for any frenz and familiez who have lost loved ones to cancer.

I invite you to be with me to help kick off my Honor Walk.

I’m hoping that a drum group can be there and someone can smudge me and anyone else at the kickoff. So I can have a safe journey back to my Dad.

My journey starts at my place and ends at University Hospital of Northern British Columbia in Prince George.

My Dad is already there getting medical treatment.

I will have about 766 km and one week to walk home to be with my Dad.

I am going solo and I am only going use what’s donated to me to sustain my journey.

Anyone wishing to donate to my journey can please e-transfer to my email at victoraustin2010(@)

I did this once before for a dear friend that I lost 5 months ago to Cancer.

I helped my friend Stephan get back to Winnipeg MB to be with his family in July 2015.

I had 20 cents to my name and left my fate in the Creator’s hands because once I got Stephen Pranteau home I would be on my own until my return flight.

The Creator took care of me the entire time I was there and I got to spend some good time with his family.

I did it cuz I love people and couldn’t stand seeing my friend not be with his family in his time of need.

So I know that the Creator will take care of me again on this new journey that I have decided to undertake.

The date for my departure is tentatively scheduled for Sunday but it could change to a bit earlier or later depending on how much support I can get before my journey.

I am in need some good walking shoes as all I have is formal dress clothes.

Some water bottles, non perishable food that I can put in my backpack. Power bank chargers so I can be sure to alwayz be accessible to everyone who will follow my journey on my blog that I made.

I am hoping that I can find some sponsors to help with logistics (food and lodging). So I can fully concentrate on jus walking.

I am hoping that there is two volunteers to accompany me with a mini van or truck.

I may be walking through some fire zones and if need to get out right away then we can do that.

One driver and one to document and update my blog

Please watch this event for updates and progress

AHA MEDIA is very proud to help announce Social Dinner at Foo’s Ho Ho Restaurant at 6pm on Friday Mar 19, 2010 in Chinatown, Vancouver

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA is very proud to help announce Social Dinner at Foo’s Ho Ho Restaurant at 6pm on Friday Mar 19, 2010 in Chinatown, Vancouver

Come join the “Friends of Foo’s Ho Ho” as we gather to reminisce about cherished memories and past meals at FOO’s HO HO RESTAURANT.

Share your stories and help us celebrate the historical significance of FOO’S HO HO in our lives and community.

The charismatic Gary Lee will MC this event so please RSVP and bring your family and friends to join us.


RSVP to or call 604 395-4274 by March 18, 2010

Menu includes:

House Soup
Deep Fried Chicken Wings
House Egg Fu-Yung
Curried Beef and Potato
Steam Fish with ToFu and Black Beans
Sauteed Chicken and Peppers with Black Bean Sauce
Sauteed Beef with Green Beans
Steamed Salted Egg and Minced Pork
Sauteed Mixed Veggies
Steamed Rice

Come join our Facebook event page Social Dinner at Foo’s Ho Ho Restaurant !

Please help Megaphone’s Joyful Voices Fundraising Campaign

November 18, 2009 1 comment



With your help, Megaphone can make this Christmas one of Joyful Voices for our vendors and community. Megaphone gives homeless and low-income people a chance to be heard, whether it’s by being a vendor, writing an article or having their issues covered in a story. For many, it’s an opportunity they’ve never had before.

“I really had no outlet until I started selling the paper,” says Megaphone vendor Danny Maloney. “It gave me the chance to interact and socialize with people and turn my life around.”

Our vendors take pride in selling Megaphone to their customers. When you buy a copy of the magazine from one of them, you are telling them that their voice matters. But in order for Megaphone to continue to give a voice to the voiceless, we need your support.

This Christmas season, Megaphone needs to raise $5,000 so we can keep working to empower homeless and low-income people, and make sure the rest of the city hears what they have to say. We need your donation.


Your donation helps pay for:

  • Vendor materials: T-shirts, ID badges, hats and bags
  • Printing and publishing costs
  • Office Supplies
  • Vendor Training

Please donate online or fill out this donation form and send a cheque to:

Megaphone Magazine
#611, 142-757 W. Hastings
Vancouver, BC
V6C 1A1

Please help Megaphone make this a season of Joyful Voices for all.

Thank you for your support,

Sean Condon
Megaphone Magazine

AHA MEDIA presents Justice Rocks – fusing pop culture and social change at Strathcona Park, Saturday August 29, 2009

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Justice Rocks – fusing pop culture and social change

Strathcona Park, Saturday August 29, 2009
Time: 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.


On-site skate demos, silk screening and of course some of the hottest music on the scene… Featuring Jess Hill, Cris Derksen, BMP (Rup Sidhu, Nadia Chaney, Tarun Nayer), The Living Room, The Beauties, Greenbelt Collective, The Heard and more…



AHA MEDIA is pleased to meet The Chinese Library Services Association at Chinatown Night Market in Vancouver

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA was very pleased to meet Ronald and Lee of The Chinese Community Library Services Association on Saturday August 8,2009 at Chinatown Night Market in Vancouver.

AHA MEDIA in Chinese 1

The Chinese Community Library Services Association is located at 591 East Pender Street. (604) 254 2107 Email:


Below is a video of Ronald, Manager of the Chinese Community Library writing out AHA MEDIA’s name into beautiful Chinese Characters using a Caligraphy Brush.

This was filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a Nokia N95 mobile cameraphone. April is passionate and skilled in making Nokia films by exploring mobile media production through the camera lens of a cellphone. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter.

Photo of AHA MEDIA in Chinese Characters 1A

AHA MEDIA in Chinese 2

Every Saturday, during the Chinatown Night Market, one can visit The Chinese Community Library Services Association Booth and get your name written into Chinese Characters by Ronald and his Caligraphy brush for a small donation.

Help Support our local Chinese Community Library in Chinatown 🙂


AHA MEDIA and W2 Community Media Art Society are proud to present Tragic Magic featuring Silas Howard and Heather Ács + Vancouver DJs: Dance Mix Ninety-Six, Ugly, OCDJ, Women&Song – Sunday, August 2, 10pm-4am, $5.

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment


featuring Silas Howard and Heather Ács

+ Vancouver DJs: Dance Mix Ninety-Six, Ugly, OCDJ, Women&Song

W2 Flack Block Gallery

click here for W2 website event listing and flyer

157 W Hastings @ Cambie

Sunday, August 2, 10pm-4am, $5.

Silas Howard of Tribe 8 and New York City downtown performance artist Heather Ács present an evening of new solo works, traversing through a multi-media world of string theory, social trespassing & loopholes in the American dream. Through ruminations on desire, shame, and loss these two escape artists invite us into a non-linear landscape scattered with fragmented mothers, renegade chickens, tranny jazzmen, and the mysterious figure of Mr. Hollywood in order to ask what is the price of letting go, selling out, or rewriting the script? 

“Tragic Magic was so good it hurt…Thank Goodness I brought moist towelettes!” Justin Bond 

Heather Ács’ piece “what the brain forgets and the heart denies, the body remembers…” explores illness, death, grieving and loss refracted through working class Appalachian and Mexican cultural imagery, creating a nonlinear world layered with movement, gesture, storytelling, soundscape, video, and installation. In this multi-media solo performance piece, time and testimonies loop, break apart, burrow, reemerge, and cross over. Breath taking, glass breaking, gifts are bestowed. Sparrows descend, tortillas and tears sizzle on the comal, a river flows with dirt and glitter. Lesley Gore croons cotton candy lyrics laced with razor blades while dust gathers in an empty house. Stitch it all together with string theory and skeleton keys, stuff into a mason jar, shake until your heart might break, check your pulse, make a wish, and see what rises to the surface.  

Howard’s Thank you for Being Urgent is a textured tale of a transman coming up in the queer punk world of San Francisco and spilling into the crappy and exalted glitter of Hollywood. He searches for true tales of fierce outsiders and re-imagines the mainstream, never loosening his grip on the underground. Our hero begs sanity from mystery man Mr. Hollywood through playful and plaintive letters, ruminating on desire, shame, and the infinite loopholes in the American Dream. Traversing serendipitous heights and punishing ironies, Thank you for Being Urgent chronicles burlesque dancers with dementia, tranny jazzmen and film executives, using archival photos, monologues and charm. 


Heather M. Ács is a multi-media theatre performance artist, activist, educator and high-femme troublemaker. Her gritty, glittery work has been featured at the Culture Project, HERE Arts Center , the Kitchen, the Public Theater, Theater for the New City , and the New York City International Fringe Festival. She performs and facilitates workshops at community spaces, colleges and conferences from coast to coast. Heather has worked with Nao Bustamante, Karen Finley, Claude Michelle-Wampler, J. Ed Araiza of the SITI Company, and Steven Soderbergh. Heather is also a dedicated teaching artist. She uses theatre as a tool for social change with low-income youth in cities throughout the U.S. and has studied with Cornerstone Theatre Company, Sojourn Theatre, and Augusto Boal.

Silas Howard, (writer, director, and musician), co-directed his first feature, By Hook Or By Crook, with Harry Dodge. The indie classic was a 2002 Sundance Film Festival premiere and five-time Best Feature winner. Silas Howard’s next film, Exactly Like You, (co-written with Nina Landey), is based on the life of Billy Tipton.  Howard’s short documentary, What I Love About Dying also premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. 
For eight years, Howard toured with his band Tribe 8, the notorious queer punk band (a band boycotted by republicans and women at Michigan womyn’s music festival). The band has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, and The Los Angeles Times.  You can check out Howard’s music videos, short musical and documentaries which have aired on MTV and LOGO networks and at Disneyland, Anaheim (weird, yet true). Howard’s writing is also featured in the anthologies, “Without a Net: Growing Up WorkingClass” and “Live Through This ,” as well as the artists’ journal, “LTTR.” Currently Silas is working on a novel set in San Francisco’s mid-90’s homocore scene.

W2 Community Media Arts Society
#205 – 163 W. Hastings St. (Flack Block)
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H5
Mobile: 604.644.4349 • Fax 604.844.7441
Twitter: @W2Woodwards @FearlessCity

AHA MEDIA is proud to present – First United Church on Hastings Street in Vancouver Downtown Eastside to be part of First Tweetmyride Global Campaign To Raise $1 Million For Charity Via Twitter

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment



First United Church and First United Mission is an inner city ministry of the United Church … 320 Hastings Street E. Vancouver, BC, V6A 1P4 604 681-8365

First Tweetmyride Global Campaign To Raise $1 Million For Charity Via Twitter
Vancouver, Canada –

Around the world in the lead up to Vancouver-based Australian, Gavin Romanis, participating in the international mountain bike race, La Ruta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica from November 11-14, 2009

( – known as one of the toughest on the planet.

Inspired by Ashton Kutcher and CNN’s challenge to gain 1 million followers on Twitter, and fuelled by the vibrant biking community of Vancouver, Canada, the basis behind the tweetmyride global campaign is to encourage global giving to avariety of causes.

Co-founders Leoni Milano and Gavin Romanis integrated these ideas to create a campaign with global reach, utilizing Twitter to help achieve their goal to raise $1 million over the 4-month period that runs from July 30 – November 30, 2009.

“When I realised how gruelling La Ruta de los Conquistadores was going to be, I knew that I would need more than my own determination to get me through it – so the idea of doing it to help charities across the world seemed like the ideal inspiration” says Gavin Romanis, who has no prior experience in mountain bike racing, but was seduced by the challenge’s combination of travel and outdoor adventure.

Milano and Romanis wanted to create something that would have a global impact – hence the campaign’s tagline:

“Twitter has no boundaries – neither should we”. Tweetmyride will demonstrate the power of social networking and show that contributions – no matter how small – all help to build something incredibly worthwhile.

tweetmyride is a Twitter-driven global charity campaign, created to raise money for 10 charities

“There are literally thousands of charities out there doing incredible work, and we’re thrilled to have these carefully chosen charities on board. For some, this will be their first foray into experimenting with social networking and they have all embraced this unique style of fundraising and awareness with keen enthusiasm,” says co-founder Leoni Milano.

Twitter allows each of the charities the opportunity to connect and communicate on a more tangible level with their followers, donors and supporters, which in turn helps develop relationships for a deeper impact. It gives the charities a voice that helps people connect on a personal level, rather than just being a donor.

The campaign’s vision is to also encourage others to hold their own ‘tweetmyride’ biking events around the world and have family and friends donate (towards their rides) to the participating charities, which they can then tweet about.

Donors get to go online to the tweetmyride website and choose which charity they wish to support from those participating in the campaign. All donations will go directly to each charity.
The participating charities (including twitter names) being supported in the campaign are:

1. charity: water, USA –
2. First United Church, Canada –
3. Fred Hollows Foundation, Australia –
4. Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders, Canada –
5. National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia –
6. Oxfam Canada, Canada –
7. Starlight Children’s Foundation, Australia –
8. Team Fox for The Michael J. Fox Foundation, USA –
9. The CREAR Association, Costa Rica –
10. World Vision, UK –

Nora Weber

Media Relations

Terracom Communications

+1 425 418 4555

Leoni Milano, Co-founder


 +1 778 237 7840