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THE DTES – ADJUST YOUR PERCEPTIONS for 9th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver on Saturday November 3, 2012

November 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Walking Tour
THE DTES – ADJUST YOUR PERCEPTIONS with John Atkin and Judy Graves
Saturday November 3, 10am (approx. 2 hours)
Meet at SW corner of Powell & Columbia

Take a revealing walk through the Downtown Eastside, a walk that will make you think and wonder about perceptions, history, housing, people and community. Join John Atkin, author, historian, DTES/Strathcona resident and walking-history-encyclopedia, and Judy Graves, the housing advocate for the City of Vancouver who has worked in the DTES since 1979, on a social history walk of a great but much misunderstood neighbourhood. $10 for non-residents, pay what you can for local residents

This event was on Day 11 of  the 12 Days of the Heart of the City Festival. Please check the website for more events!

The 9th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival 

Wednesday 24 October to Sunday 4 November, 2012

Over 120 events at over 25 venues throughout the Downtown Eastside

On page 13 of the Festival Program guide, there is a writeup on AHA MEDIA

The Festival is thrilled to partner with the DTES’s AHA Media to provide social media coverage (video/photos/blog) of the Heart of the City Festival. AHA Media gives voice to our local community and provides services for individuals and organizations to share their news and special events on a broader scale through social media. Founded in 2008 by local artists April Smith, Hendrik Beune, and Al Tkatch, AHA Media previously collaborated with Fearless City Media and has an ongoing working relationship with W2Community Media Arts and various other organizations and individuals in the DTES community. The members of AHA Media describe themselves as “definitely not mainstream media”. Based in Vancouver’s DTES, their style is described as non-invasive and unassuming.

Say Hello to AHA Media as they visit the Festival events. They will be happy to chat with you. Stay connected to the festival with AHA’s links – see photos/videos of the festival events you attended; take in a festival event you missed; or follow one festival event while you are attending another!

Follow AHA MEDIA on Twitter, Facebook,  Youtube and Flickr!

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Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA speaks with Judy Grave, Advocate for the Homeless at City of Vancouver (COV) on what’s important in DTES Community

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Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA sat down with Judy Graves, Advocate for the Homeless at City of Vancouver at a bus stop on Hastings St.

He answered questions on the topic

“Your DTES Community – Tell Us What Is Important to you!


Since When?




A. What’s important to you in the DTES? (Places, spaces, things)

  • Can you show these places on the map?
  • If your important thing does not have a location, you can put it into the “heart”

1 Where do you spend time?

2 Where do you go for food?

3 Where do you get together with friends or meet people?

4 Which drop-ins, community centers or services do you go to?

5 Do you go anywhere to learn? Do you go to any schools, classes or programs? Where?

6 Do you work or volunteer? Where do you go to do this?

B. What is missing or needed in the DTES?

  • Is there anything you need that is not in the DTES? What is missing?
  • Can you show this on a map?

C. What are your fears and hopes for change and development in the DTES?

  • Have you seen the DTES changing and if so, where and how?

7 What are some of the negative ways change and development can affect the DTES?

8 What are your hopes for change (development) in the DTES?

Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA and Judy Graves, Advocate for the Homeless at the City of Vancouver (COV)

Below are two videos with Hendrik Beune speaking with Judy Graves speaking on “What is important in the DTES?”

(Due to the busy traffic noises in the background of the video, please listen with headphones for better sound clarity and volume)


Earl Crowe waves hello to both Hendrik and Judy while doing their survey

Judy and Earl smile together at the corner of Carrall and Hastings

Judy listens to Thai’s thought about the DTES

Judy listening to Christoph Runne’s thoughts on what’s important in the Vancouver DTES

“What Important to the DTES Community” survey