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Community Co-Researcher Introductory Training Workshop with Our Place and UBC in Vancouver

January 8, 2013 Leave a comment

A one day workshop for Community Co-Researchers. The workshop provided an introduction to ethical issues in the conduct of research, provided and overview of selected research methods that can be used to explore questions of interest to communities & discussed points of community engagement in the research process. The workshop is one activity associated with the community based research study titled: “Health & Human Rights: A Pilot Study to Inform the Development of a Medical Legal Partnership”. The research is funded through The Vancouver Foundation Community Grants Programe.

Judith Lyman, PhD, RN, Professor, UBC School of Nursing

LifeSkills Centre folks from Vancouver Downtown Eastside at UBC Farm

May 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Busloads of  happy LifeSkills Centre folks from the Vancouver Downtown Eastside went to the beautiful UBC Farm to enjoy a day of friendship and feasting!

From the UBC Farm website:

“The UBC Farm is a 24 hectare learning and research farm located on the University of British Columbia’s Campus in Vancouver, Canada. The farm is student-driven and integrated with the wider community. As the only working farmland within the city of Vancouver, the UBC Farm is an urban agrarian gem, featuring a landscape of unique beauty.”

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Plan-It Hastings – 2 Events for the DTES on Thursday April 16th

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AHA MEDIA at Great Farm Trek 2009 at UBC

April 14, 2009 Leave a comment


The Schedule
PAST: UBC Farm History
PRESENT: The Vancouver Campus Planning process and the UBC Farm
FUTURE: The Great Farm Trek 2009

AHA MEDIA  helped to celebrate the UBC Farm and its future! 🙂

“It has been a great year for the farm, in terms of innovative programming, awards, and media attention. However, the future of the 24 hectare farm is still not clear, so it is time to come together to celebrate the Farm’s accomplishments and show our unified support for a bright future for the Farm! This is a celebratory, family-friendly event. We want thousands to join us as we trek from the UBC Student Union Building (SUB) via the Board of Governors meeting and then on to the UBC Farm.”


“We will have Vancouver’s own ever-wacky and danceable Carnival Band, the high-energy percussion ensemble known as Sambata, Papa Thom from the Shepherd’s Pie Tour ’09, Agora String Band, and much more! At the UBC farm there will be music (the soul-quakin’, boot-shakin’ bluegrass boys of the Agora String Band, and the hip hop alt country tom waits-sylin’ Blackberry Wood.) As well there will be food, addresses from James Mackinnon (100-Mile Diet author,) Rex Weyler (Greenpeace founder), special recorded greetings from David Suzuki, and the Mayor of Vancouver, and a ceremonial planting. ”



Mayor Gregor Robertson in a special recording for the Great Farm Trek 2009


David Suzuki in a special recording for the Great Farm Trek 2009



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