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Making up Methadone: International perspectives on inequality, social justice and methadone maintenance therapy

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment

This event was part of a workshop which brings an international group of researchers to Vancouver to discuss the social and cultural dimensions of methadone maintenance therapy for opioid dependency.

An evening of presentations and dialogue focused on key dilemmas connected to this longstanding but often still controversial treatment. Lived experience, inequality and social justice are themes considered from the vantage point of different global contexts.

Creating websites and social media connections for Drug War Survivors, BCAPOM and WAHRS

May 30, 2010 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA is pleased to help create websites and social media connections – Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Youtube for the following Harm Reduction organizations based in Vancouver:

BC/Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors – Drug War Survivors,

The BC Columbia Association for People on Methadone BCAPOM

Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society WAHRS

AHA MEDIA is helping to give Drug Wars Survivors, BCAPOM, and WAHRS more ways to stay connected and educate through social media

AHA MEDIA thanks VANDU and  BC/Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors