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CACV Eco- Arts Dragon in Chinese New Year Parade 2012 as part of the DTES Artist in the Street program in Vancouver

January 29, 2012 1 comment

CACV Eco- Arts Dragon in Chinese New Year Parade 2012 as part of the DTES Artist in the Street program produced by Vancouver Moving Theatre and DTES Heart of the City Festival with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV)

Mary Bennett of CACV writes


A parade celebrating the year of the water dragon at the end of January. What would you expect for weather? RAIN. So the idea occurred to us to make a dragon out of black (the colour related to water in Chinese system) umbrellas and each person would carry one part. Our intern from Spain, Elena, and friend of Mary (and CACV) alternated being the head of the dragon. Anna, Tashannah and Catherine all carried dragon parts that they had made. As well Karenza T. Wall did a session with kids at Oppenheimer park to make two umbrellas with help from Elena and Francis and the Oppenheimer staff.

Thank you to the Umbrella Shop who donated two very large umbrellas that became our “banner” for the parade. And will be at many more events!

Artists in the Streets, a CACV program coordinated by Terry Hunter of Vancouver Moving Theatre, booked Brad Muirhead and the Carnegie Street Band and once again Lily and her Mom arrived in costume and on stilts.

Jessica and Donna – and hundreds of others – took photos.

Bruce Voyce, our Eco-Arts Salon presenter for February showed up with some friends in dragon costumes made from water bottles, too.

For more information on the process of dragon creation, go to and search “dragon”.

Thank you to all who participated, cheered, waved  or are just now enjoying these fabulous photos from Richard.

See you all next year for Snake creations.

The Carnegie Street Band in the Chinese New Year Parade 2012 as part of the DTES Artist in the Street program

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The Carnegie Street Band provided lively music during the Chinese New Year Parade 2012 as part of the DTES Artist in the Street program produced by Vancouver Moving Theatre and DTES Heart of the City Festival with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV)

Mary Bennett of CACV writes:

The Carnegie Street Band provided the fuel that kept the CACV Eco Arts Umbrella Dragon moving along the 1.2 km route of the parade.  Not just moving: hopping; dancing; swerving and entertaining kids and adults alike!

Thanks, Brad, Philip, Robin and many more!  You were all fabulous!





Dr. Peter Ferentzy, PhD Crackhead speaks on Ending Drug Prohibition and Emancipating the Addict – the Last Frontier in a Struggle for Enlightenment in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

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Peter Ferentzy holds a Ph.D. in Social and Political Thought from York University. His dissertation is a historical sociology of the origins and recent development of the modern concept of addiction with an emphasis on how it has interacted with ideas about mental illness and compulsions in general.

Dr. Ferentzy has studied and written extensively on Gamblers Anonymous, as well as other issues related to pathological gambling. His two most recently completed studies involve: 1.  The history of ideas related to addiction with an emphasis on problem gambling wherein special attention is paid to the role of metaphoric conceptualization in the construction of scientific discourse; 2.  A street level, ethnographic study of gambling patterns among crack users in downtown Toronto. 

Peter Ferentzy is a recovering drunk and a recovering crackhead. He knows this topic from the gutter right up to the halls of academe. After losing two friends to overdose, and seeing clearly that in each case the governing approach to addiction was the cause, Peter wrote Dealing with Addiction — Why the 20th Century was Wrong. Peter wants to change things, and is arrogant enough to believe that he can.

Please see more at Peter’s website and book

Volunteer Chefs/Foodies/Cooking Enthusiasts needed for The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (DTESNH) in Vancouver

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The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (DTESNH) is looking for creative chefs, foodies and cooking enthusiasts with a passion for social justice to volunteer their time once a month to run a themed Community Kitchen as part of our Right to Food programming. Themes include food preservation (canning, pickling, etc.), health (i.e. cooking for diabetes), baking, and food from different cultures. DTNESH is also open to chefs proposing their own themes.

All Community Kitchens follow the DTES NH Right to Food philosophy, which upholds the human right of Downtown Eastside residents to abundant, local, fresh and nutritious food. Food created and served at the DTES NH should use the freshest ingredients and avoid refined sugars and processed foods.For more information please get in touch (604) 215-2030

  • Location: Hastings E and Princess
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TAKE BACK CANADA with Mel Hurtig on Sat Feb 11, 2012 7pm in Vancouver

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AHA MEDIA will be filming at TAKE BACK CANADA with MEL HURTIG!

Vancouver, BC January 27, 2012.





Subhead: Proposed Jasper National Park privatization and sale of Canadian publisher McClelland and Stewart riles Order of Canada holder. Reeling from the news that two of Canada’s national treasures are being traded away, the man who founded both the Council of Canadians and the National Party of Canada will soon be speaking in Vancouver at an event entitled “Take Back Canada!” Order of Canada recipient Mel Hurtig will share his reaction to two new developments that have rocked Canadian patriots in recent weeks: the Harper government’s push to privatize part of Jasper National Park, and the recent sale of Canadian publishing stalwart McClelland and Stewart to Random House,a division of the German media giant Bertelsmann.

Hurtig is the key speaker at a February 11 event in East Vancouver organized by veteran Vancouver activist Occupy movement supporter Ruth Meta. Meta and fellow organizers are not part of Occupy Vancouver, but a new grouping provisionally titled “Occupy Ideas.”

Meta is a former independent bookseller and founder of Downtown Eastside non-profit dedicated to self-employment of residents of Strathcona/DTES.

Hurtig established his own publishing company in the early 1970s, published the landmark Canadian Encyclopedia in the mid-’80s before selling the company to the venerable Canadian publisher McClelland and Stewart in 1991. Random House of Canada became the sole owner this month, taking over the 75 per cent that had belonged to the University of Toronto Press.

Hurtig has been speaking off about the sell off of all things Canadian for the past 40 years … and these two Harper initiatives are just two of the increasingly dismal sell offs of all things “Canadian”.

Hurtig considers the sale of McLelland and Stewart “extremely painful” both personally and nationally. McClelland and Stewart was founded in 1906, and was to have published Hurtig’s next book, a deal which he is now considering canceling.

Another development which has riled Hurtig and other Canada boosters is a proposal by the Harper government to allow what is essentially an American company to build a 300-metre metal walkway over the world-famous Columbia Icefields Parkway, in Jasper National Park.

If approved, the walkway will be built by Brewster Canada – a travel company that is an 80 percent-owned subsidiary of the American-based company VIAD. Hurtig and other critics say the plan would not only spur development, but give an American company the right to charge Canadians for entry into parts of Jasper park.

“Take Back Canada!” Saturday, February 11, 2012 7:00 pm. – 2010 Dundas East

– Musical accompaniment by “The Canadian Sellouts.” (aka Hall 23)

– 2010 Dundas East Street Vancouver, BC.

– Admission by donation (suggested minimum $5)

– Inquiries: Ruth Meta. 778-869-8414. Email: