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SANSU – Surrey Area Network of Substance Users do Harm Reduction in Langley on Oct 29 2016

November 1, 2016 Leave a comment

On Halloween Welfare weekend, SANSU – Surrey Area Network of Substance Users go out to Langley to do Harm Reduction with a focus on HIV/Hep C education.

STATUS: A Community Dialogue on HIV/AIDS Services, Supports and Prevention Strategies for Women in the DTES

June 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Presented by PHS Community Services Society and PHS Drug Users Resources Centre

Presented for Support Workers, Service Providers and Peer Workers

AHA MEDIA and Positive Paid Work at World AIDS Day in Carnegie Centre, Vancouver Downtown Eastside

December 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Hendrik Beune, Holy Moyo, Dan Wilson, Mathieu and April Smith as Positive Paid Work  with SFU Literacy Lives speak at World AIDS Day at Carnegie Centre in Vancouver

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April Smith and Hendrik Beune of AHA MEDIA are very proud to attend SFU – Simon Fraser University’s Literacy Lives: Certificate for Community Capacity Building

September 29, 2011 1 comment

Our Certificate in Community Capacity Building  Skills for Strengthening community health is part of  Literacy Lives: An Integrative Model for Applied Community-based Literacy in inner-city Environments

This pilot program is designed for learners who are passionate about creating positive community change in the area of HIV and community health. Learners will strengthen their essential skills and knowledge about community building while working with a cohort of other community members to choose, design, implement and evaluate a community project. The program’s design recognizes the strength and value of diverse learning styles and experiences, and places an emphasis on experiential and authentic learning opportunities.

Our curriculum for the program is made up of three core pieces:

  1. HIV and social determinants of health;
  2. literacy and essential skills; and
  3. the theory and practice of community capacity building.

Learning will happen within the context of community-based work: learners will identify, plan, implement and evaluate community projects that address key needs in their communities, and that capture something they feel passionate about.

Within the Literacy Lives project, community projects will be focused on HIV and social determinants of health.

The Certificate in Community Capacity Building is a pilot program designed for learners who are passionate about creating positive community change in the area of HIV and community health

We are excited about the following during our University experience!

Learners in the program will:

Make a positive difference in their communities.

Learn more of the essential skills and tools needed to effect positive change.

Learn more about HIV and community health.

Learners who complete the 26-week program will earn a Certificate in Community Capacity Building and become an alumnus of Simon Fraser University.

Hendrik with our AMAZING instructor Jo!

In the next photo and video, Liz Evans of PHS speaks to our class on the history of PHS, and its community capacity building, peer training and skill building, housing, and activism with InSite in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES)

We gratefully thank Frank, our community coordinator and PHS for their support and encouragement while attending this excellent program at SFU! 🙂

PHS Community Services Society


PHS Community Services is a non-profit organization providing: transitional housing, supportive housing, 24-hour service, health services, complementary therapy, and harm reduction.

PHS’s mandate is to promote, develop and maintain supportive affordable housing for adult individuals who are hard to house and at risk of homelessness due to their physical and/or mental health, behaviour, substance dependencies, and forensic history.