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DVD Release of With Glowing Hearts the Movie in Vancouver!!!!!

With Glowing Hearts is a documentary about social media creating social change filmed during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

See the new trailer for our recently completed Feature Length Documentary Film. An intimate and inspiring portrait of social media for social change. This is the #van2010 Winter Olympics social media story.

AHA MEDIA was very pleased to be at Nokia N8 Direct and Project event at Vancouver Art Gallery on Wed Jan 19, 2011

January 22, 2011 1 comment

AHA MEDIA was very pleased to be at Nokia N8 Direct and Project event at Vancouver Art Gallery on Wed Jan 19, 2011.

There were so many amazing short films all made on a Nokia N8 cameraphone!  Congratulations to all the filmmakers! 🙂

Below is a photo of the Red Carpet at Nokia N8 Direct and Project event with Jon Ornoy of Animal Mother Films

Below is Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA

Below are Nokia Reps showing what apps can be bought at the OVI store

Below is a photo of Peter Davies, Lorraine Murphy of Raincoaster and Jon Ornoy of Animal Mother Films

Below are tasty bowls of gourmet popcorn!

Below is Lorraine Murphy, April Smith and Jon Ornoy

Below is a beautiful bar with beautiful people at the Nokia N8 Direct and Project event

Below are people enjoying the h’ordeuvres

Below is the DJ spinning some tunes

Below is Lorraine Murphy looking at the Twitter Page for Nokia N8 Direct and Project

Below is Tom Hall of WomWorld Nokia with April Smith

Below is April Smith beside the Nokia N8 Direct and Project sign

Below is Roland Tanglao with Peter Davies about to enjoy the shows!

Below is the program guide

Below is Brian Adler, MC of Nokia N8 Direct and Project

Below are the 3 judges : Brian Adler, RT! and Mindy Miller

Below is Geoff Peters with Marcus Barnes about to watch Geoff’s video

Below are photos of Glenn Letham with his Nokia N8

Below is Roland Tanglao, Trevor Boudreau and Raul Pacheco

Below is RT! with Mindy Miller

Below is Tom Hall filming the Nokia N8 Direct and Project Twitter page

Below is from the movie “The Commuter”,  which was filmed entirely on the Nokia N8 in HD, stars Dev Patel as a commuter on his way to his first day of work. In this action-packed short film, Dev battles a killer Traffic Warden, a blind ninja, parkour bankers and comes face-to-face with Pamela Anderson before getting stuck in a lift with Ed Westwick and stealing a Lotus…will he make it in time?

Below Brian Adler announces the winner Josephine  Anderson for her video Normal Design

(Thanks to Roland Tanglao for the photo and videos below)

Below April Smith and Josephine Anderson share a smiles!

Below is Glenn Letham with April Smith

Below is Mindy Miller and April Smith

Below is Peter Davies with Tom Hall

“With Glowing Hearts” DVD preorders open today/Give the gift of producing‏

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Give your loved one the credit they deserve, make them a Producer!

When this project started there were only two people involved, Andrew and I, but now two years later, our family of producers has swelled to around 200 and we’ve got great news for everyone.  Having just submitted our most recent cut of the film to SXSW in Austin TX, we’re very happy to announce that we’re opening presales for the film on the site, with the official launch having been set for February 12, 2011.  We’ll mark the occasion with a special screening of the film in Vancouver where you’ll be able to come pick up your copy on DVD or USB key, with traditional shipping options available to those who can’t make it.   We’re also very excited about our exclusive WGH Producer’s Package which we think is a thoughtful alternative that some people on your list will definitely appreciate receiving this holiday season.

This handsome package includes:

  • An official Producer’s certificate and name in the film’s credits
  • A certificate confirming your $5 contribution to the construction of a wireless mesh network in the Downtown Eastside
  • A ticket to the February 12th, 2011 screening and afterparty at W2
  • One copy of the completed film on DVD or USB

To show our appreciation for the support you’ve already provided, we’re giving all existing producers a 10% discount off any purchases you make on the site, so don’t miss this limited time opportunity to share your involvement with this project with your friends and family.

Thanks for everything,

Jon Ornoy

W2 presents: The With Glowing Hearts UnFestival 2010

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Attention World!! You are invited to join us at the With Glowing Hearts Unfestival 2010 presented by W2 Storyeum!

What’s an Unfestival? Well, we’re giving you a chance to see a “work-in-progress” cut of the film, as well as getting involved in some fundraising to help us complete it.  We’ll have an exciting variety of silent auction items for you to bid on, as well as an opportunity to become a  ‘producer’ on the film and have input into the final version!

With Glowing Hearts, is a feature length documentary which  focuses on the way activists and artists in Vancouver used social media during the Olympics to affect social change and bring down barriers.

April Smith, with mobile media reporters Hendrik Beune (left), Ken Glofcheskie and Peter Davies Photograph by: Bill Keay, PNG

We are in our final stage of post production and need to prepare for broadcast and distribution.  We have managed to get to this point with many contributions from numerous people but still have a few hurdles like insurance, music rights, publicty and people’s wages which are hard cash costs that can’t be avoided.

Unfestival Schedule:

  • 4 pm free community screening, all are welcome
  • An evening fundraising screening starting at 7pm, which includes silent auction and the opportunity to become a ‘producer’.  The price of your admission will also get you listed the film’s credits as a producer, but the more you contribute the larger your name will appear.
  • Silent auction and door prizes
  • There will be a producer/director Q & A after the screening,  which will give you  the chance to ask questions of the filmmakers, and provide feedback as we move forward to the film’s final cut!
  • Cash bar will be available, as well as delicious snacks
  • Music from DJs Kid Knowledge and Haze, and more!

Got a great prize you’d love to donate to the auction? Email us.

Help Desk:

Jon Ornoy – 778 322 2482

It’ll be awesome fun. See you there!

AHA MEDIA is so proud of Jon Ornoy and Andrew Lavigne on their article in The Georgia Straight newspaper “Activist documentary filmmakers get interactive”

May 15, 2010 Leave a comment

AHA MEDIA is so proud of Jon Ornoy and Andrew Lavigne on their article in The Georgia Straight newspaper “Activist documentary filmmakers get interactive”

Many thanks to Jon Ornoy and Andrew Lavigne of Animal Mother Films for the upcoming film “With Glowing Hearts” for all their hard work and REAL care and concern for all the people they interviewed and cultivating a life long working relationship especially for us at AHA MEDIA.

Below is a photo of Andrew Lavigne and Jon Ornoy from their Georgia Straight article written by Shana Myara

Jon and Andrew were the only filmmakers we’ve seen who were dedicated in telling the REAL stories of our lives and other community members in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside.  We  are immensely grateful for their time, patience and care in working with us at AHA MEDIA over the year for their documentary film.

We at AHA MEDIA are very proud to count Jon Ornoy and Andrew Lavigne as mentors, advisors and most importantly friends of AHA MEDIA.

So many people are always interested in what, where and why we do our citizen journalism and social media documentation with cameraphones of events, functions and daily life activities in our community the Vancouver Downtown Eastside.   One thing we were most impressed and touched by Jon and Andrew was that they geniunely wanted to KNOW us and be there with us through the good and bad times.

In the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, so much goes on in our community and it’s rapidly changing everyday. We deal with many issues including gentrification, poverty, lack of social housing  and during the film process of With Glowing Hearts,  we all learned more about ourselves and how we could change things together!!

Thanks to Jon and Andrew for being there for us and helping us tell our story to an international audience. Thank you for encouraging us and supporting our endeavors to tell the stories of the most marginalized people in our City of Vancouver.

Please see Jon Ornoy and Andrew Lavigne of With Glowing Hearts article in this week’s Georgia Straight newspaper