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AHA MEDIA is very proud to introduce Alvin Clayton, our newest Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES) Community Reporter !

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Alvin photo

AHA MEDIA is very proud to have Alvin Clayton – a First Nations Nisgaa elder as part of our Vancover Downtown Eastside ( DTES) Community Reporting team.

AHA MEDIA first met Alvin at the Upwords Magazine group at LifeSkills Centre and after seeing his preparation, dedication and Aboriginal governance skills to his unique style of reporting on homeless and health issues,  we were happy to invite Alvin to join AHA MEDIA.  🙂

AHA MEDIA is dedicated to helping  all our communities become more informed!

Hastings Street Garden on East Hastings in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

July 20, 2009 1 comment

Below is text from Upwords Magazine Summer 2009  Issue #1 Volume #5

O Garden! Try the patch – it works!

The whole community is welcome to participate in “H.S.P” ( Hotel Society or Hastings Street Patch) People grow flowers of all colours and breeds. Some, like myself, like to grow food ie. potatoes, carrots, corn, tomatoes, etc… You can bring your children and believe me, they enjoy it immensely!

I believe a garden has a lot of healing value. It is structured and that is what I and others never had in life. Everything is in rows and has a place.  I wish my room was like that!

You water, nuture and bring to life to where there was none.  We could all learn a lot from this beautiful garden, so next time you pass 105 East Hastings Street, stop in and bring your ideas or just sit back and smell the flowers.

Robbie Plant

Hastings Street Garden 1

Hastings Street Garden 4

Hastings Street Garden 6

Hastings Street Garden 7

Hastings Street Garden 9






AHA MEDIA co-facilitated Up Words writing group on retreat to Deep Cove and sees a bear!

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18 Upwords Deep Cove trip July 9, 2009

AHA MEDIA went to Deep Cove in North Van, along with members of Up Words writing group to co-facilitate a  “media making” retreat in the woods.  During the trip, we got to express our different writing styles and even got to see a bear!

34A Upwords Deep Cove trip July 9, 2009

Please see the rest of the story including more photos and videos at

AHA MEDIA’s designed 3 new sites for Kashube Art, Sun Eagles and Up Words in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

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 AHA MEDIA has designed and developed 3 new sites as part of our skills  portfolio. <– Paintings by Ken F. Glofcheskie

Kashube Art <– Vancouver Downtown Eastside Homeless Street Soccer

Sun Eagles <– UpWords Magazine by Stimulant Discussion Group at LifeSkills Centre in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Up Words