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Towards May 5 Liberation / 5 mei bevrijdingsdag Artist talk & media arts installation by Irwin Oostindie


Artist talk & media arts installation by Irwin Oostindie

Follow a Dutch youth’s 200km journey into hiding from Amsterdam’s Hongerwinter, eventually his life saved by Canadian soldiers on his sixteenth birthday on April 13, 1945.
71 years later, his sixteen year-old granddaughter revisits her Opa’s wartime route with the help of stories, archival images, social media, and live video streaming.

Join a public presentation exploring this media arts project (currently in development) which brings to life memory and archives for a new generation considering WWII, refugee and conflict issues. Today’s conversation will give voice to Elder’s carrying these memories, and consider digital strategies to bring archives and hidden stories to life for a new generation.

Irwin Oostindie is a Vancouver-based Dutch media artist researching occupation, settler and migration issues.

Sponsored by DUDOC and Consul General of the Netherlands.

Cover photos: (L) Leidschegracht, Amsterdam. January 21, 1945. 89924, NIOD; (R) Kijkduinstraat, Amsterdam, June 2015, Google Street View.

Irwin Oostindie (Executive Director) with W2 Community Media Arts speaks about W2 running from the Storyeum building in Vancouver between April 15 to Sept 15, 2010

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi! I’m Irwin Oostindie (Executive Director) with W2.

We’re in the Woodward’s complex and the Woodward’s Complex is a major project that W2 is a part of. We’ll be delivering a community amenity space – a community media centre, a community radio and tv station, and it’s still an active construction site…so we’re not done yet.

I don’t think W2 will be moving into Woodward’s until about September 2010… so we’re working with the City of Vancouver and behind me is the Storyeum site. What we’re looking at is running W2 from the Storyeum building on Cordova, on 151 West Cordova between April 15 to Sept 15th.

We’ll do our art shows there, we’ll do our youth and children summer camps, we’ll have our offices, our media labs for the community, events… every week we’ll have different events

So look forward to that.. you can check out the Storyeum building.. we’ll be moving in April … and that will be where W2 exists at Woodward’s

So we’re moving from our Perel Building on Hastings, 112 West Hastings, over to Storyeum at 151 West Cordova, then we’re going to end up at the Woodward’s Complex at 111 West Hastings Street

So W2 is moving around but we’re almost there! “

W2 Community Media Arts


Below is a video of  Irwin Oostindie ( Executive Director) with W2 Community Media Arts speaking about W2 running from the Storyeum building in Vancouver between April 15 to Sept 15, 2010

This video was filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a New Media camera – Panasonic DMC-ZS3. AHA MEDIA is  about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or


In this video, is a walking tour of the interior of Storeyeum in Vancouver, where the Canadian Artisan Market was at.

* This video has no audio *

This video was filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a New Media camera – Panasonic DMC-ZS3. AHA MEDIA is  about exploring mobile media production through New Media cameras. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter or


Below are photos of the interior of Storyeum! ( Please click to enlarge )


W2’s plans for the summer!

Community Meetings:
Thursday April 8th, 7pm-9pm;
Saturday April 10th, 10-11am;
Saturday April 17th, 10-11am

Thank you for all of your help and interest in the operations of W2’s Culture + Media House during February. We presented over 35 events with art exhibitions, conferences, parties and receptions at our 112 West Hastings home, and also produced over 50 episodes of community television through our broadcast program. This was a solid experience as we grew as an organization and we received lots of love and profile from media organizations worldwide. Check out videos about us and our work: the City of Vancouver’s Snap 2010 and a spotlight produced by our broadcast program.

We just received word from the City of Vancouver that our planned Woodward’s opening date has been delayed from April to September 1, 2010.  For the next few months, the City has offered us a lease at Storyeum, one of Vancouver’s largest cultural and festival venues a block north at 151 W Cordova.

For the next 5 months we will launch an exciting series of festivals, conferences, and daily programs and we hope you will stay involved.Storyeum’s 31,000 square feet of space will be home to a massive one-night exhibition in June featuring 200 artists, a series of festivals, a major urban art fair, Icograda Design Week Vancouver reception, Future Everything networked event—connecting Istanbul, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Newcastle, and W2—and the launch reception for Vancouver Interactive Digital Week. And lots more to share with you!

Please join us for community meetings to get the full picture of what we are creating, and signup for new roles in our growing organization. Drinks will be had too from our wine and beer sponsors.

We’ve set two moving dates to move furniture and gear: April 10th and 17th, we’ll be working throughout the day from 11am-6pm.  If moving isn’t your bag we also need help cleaning up, designing and setting up new spaces.  Contact Hywel directly to help out:

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities in the coming months including: committee work, venue staffing, gallery sitting, media lab attendants, event production and working with us on committees.

We are also recruiting for the following committees:

  • Summer Camp Planning: Week- and Day-long camps for children and youth in July and August.  If you have ideas or experience around effective arts-based and creative day or week long camp programming please help us create new programs for young folks in our new media lab, silkscreen and letterpress studios.
  • Urban Art Fair Planning: During the months of July and August we will feature a major 7 week show with Stencil Art, Urban Aboriginal Art, an Under the Volcano Festival 20-year retrospective, Graffiti Art and more.
  • Technical Committee: event production, inventory, gear signouts and assessing our needs and systems in the next five months and during our operations at Woodward’s

Members interested in joining our Fundraising or Programming committees should apply with resume and credentials to be approved by our Board to join.

If you’re unable to attend our community meeting please come on Saturday or feel free to contact Hywel directly any time at or call 778-882-7485.