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Hendrik Beune and April Smith of AHA MEDIA were honoured to be Hosts of W2TV Show on Jan 20, 2013

January 27, 2013 Leave a comment
Lianne Payne says:
Under the expert direction of Deborah Angrave and Sid Tan and supported by Don Walchuk, hosts April Smith and Hendrik Beune prep with Irwin Oostindie for the W2TV taping
43 AHA MEDIA at W2TV Show taping Jan 20 2013 at Shaw Studios
Photo by Lianne Payne
44 AHA MEDIA at W2TV Show taping Jan 20 2013 at Shaw Studios
Photo by Lianne Payne
The show is about popular cultural spaces that are under threat in Vancouver.
It airs on Shaw cable 4 for viewing around the Lower Mainland, this Sunday 27 January, with repeat broadcasts until Saturday 2 February

W2 Belongs 2 Me Community Meeting at La Casita Restaurant in Vancouver

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A Happy New Year W2 Belong 2 Me Community Meeting at  La Casita Restaurant in Vancouver

17 AHA MEDIA at W2 Belongs 2 Me in Vancouver

Culture spaces in Vancouver are under attack. Let’s get together to shake down some ideas, build bridges to unite the arts community in the face of gentrification, and shake it on the dance floor with Dunks (, Willisist + Eradik (, and DJ Don Chow!

Door proceeds support the #W2Belongs2Me Legal Fund! Support a community-run project that needs our love right now as they push back a City eviction notice. With the closure of the Waldorf as we know it, come out and show some love for Vancouver’s independent culture spaces.

ENTRY: Roll 2 Dice for cover – roll a 12, get in free!

-8pm VANCITY CULTURAL SURVIVAL – Panel on what can be done for 3 key Vancouver independent culture spaces, wth panelists and discussion.
-9:30pm ART’S BIRTHDAY – Come for the cake! It’s an annual global celebration on Jan 17 recognizing the birth of art! Hosted by DJ Don Chow (
-10:30-2:15am DICE SPECIAL hosted by Dunks ( with special guests Willisist + Eradik (, Don Chow ++ More

We get things started at 8pm with a Panel Discussion on Vancouver’s Cultural Spaces, and we’ve invited experts on the subject to talk about The Red Gate (proposed new home on Industrial), W2’s struggle for respect in the Woodward’s complex, and The Waldorf Hotel’s sell-off by their landlord to Solarra developer. What can be done to support these vital Vancity cultural institutions, and where to from here more united!

This is followed by a birthday party! And on this sombre information and ideas-generating night, we’re not just celebrating any old birthday party – it’s Art’s Birthday! Performances from a variety of older and newer Vancouver legends provoking #NoFunCity by showing how critical emergent and dynamic culture is, the people and spaces.

Then the evening goes off the hook with the Waldorf’s Thursday night full of funk and funk-inspired beats from a cast of Vancouver DJs and cultural promoters who contribute to Vancouver’s dynamic arts community. Hosted by Dunks.


#W2Belongs2Me video:

W2 Belongs To Me – Spring 2012

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W2 Belongs To Me - Spring 2012

Saturday March 24 2012 from 2-6pm  at the W2 Media Cafe

Deepen your relationship with W2 this coming weekend!

It has been six months since opening the W2 Media Cafe and we are thrilled with the response and impact of our public programs. We have produced more than 100 community events and served tens of thousands of visitors on our 3-levels in the Woodward’s heritage building.

While building the centre we are facing serious financial challenges to both operate and complete our 10,000 sq ft space. This year, W2 was more than 85% self-funded so our future is definitely in our own hands. We talk about W2 being people-powered and this is the spirit we hold when creating programs and services, finishing our space, and operating each and every day. We look forward to seeing you at W2 for some of our diverse programs, and having you participate in the way that is most meaningful for you.

The W2 Board of Directors is inviting members to this afternoon session and reception to provide an overview of the many programs and service we have up and running. This is your opportunity to learn more about what we are doing, help you connect with people with similar interests, and get more involved with programs and committees that need your help now.

While you are here today, activate your “W2 Belongs to Me” member card to start benefiting from your loyalty to W2!


Gather in the second floor Community Lounge, enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee and baked goods from our in-house cafe. Tour through our 3-levels and basement crossmedia studio. Hear a welcome “state of the union” address from W2 Board and staff on what we have accomplished, where we are at, and where we are heading.

Choose a topic or working group that you are currently involved in, are curious about, or waiting to dive deep into!

media arts, festivals, music, literary, electronic arts, all ages, long tables, your ideas…

crosscultural, redress, digital divide, access, DTES, urban Aboriginal, SFU students, your ideas…

W2 TV, CJSF, Coop Radio, Shaw Cable, multi-platform broadcasting, interactive, demos, tech services, your ideas…

area for video presentations/looping with some presenters/informal

3:30-4pm BREAK / informal open space


Web, graphic design, social media, computer programming, street teams, your ideas…

Social enterprise food operation, catering opportunities, politics of food production and serving, coffee, local food, urban agriculture, your ideas…

The W2 Morning Radio Project is W2’s current affairs program broadcast every weekday at 6-8am on 102.7FM. This conversation is designed for current or future contributors to discuss the state of the show and how we can build it.

Interactive demonstration on letterpress, programming, fundraising, your ideas….

area for video presentations/looping with some presenters/informal

Join us at this optional reception for a complimentary beverage and food samplings from the W2 Media Cafe, as we wrap up the day with conversation. This is for individual W2 members like you, plus group members: Simon Fraser Student Society, Open Media, Coop Radio, CJSF, KAYA Songweavers, AHA Media, Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival, W2 Radio, Fearless TV, and you!


Activate your W2 Belongs to Me member card while you are here today! Earn benefits from your participation with W2’s membership loyalty program. The more contributions you make or coffee or meals you purchase, the more discounts and free access to W2’s resources you receive. Ask a staff member for more information.

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W2 Media Cafe: A Case Study in Collaboration & Design event on Thursday June 23, 2011

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Join Net Impact Vancouver and the Vancouver Graphic Design Meetup to hear the inside story of W2 Media Cafe.

Irwin Oostindie, Executive Director, will share the history of this six-year, collaborative project, reflecting on the organizational design that went in to bringing eight non-profits together around a compelling vision. Be among the first to enjoy the inspiring new networked cafe, and connect with fellow members of the business and design communities.

When & where
Thursday June 23 @ 7:00 – 9:00
W2 Media Cafe
Woodwards Atrium
111 West Hastings Street

Register at
$10 (includes appies & first drink)

About W2
Opened in May 2011, W2 Media Cafe is a globally networked community media arts centre in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Housed in the four-storey atrium of the restored Woodwards heritage building, W2 houses a 200-capacity networked broadcasting studio, community TV station, community FM radio station, media lab, creative technology incubator, letterpress studio, telepresence and mobile media programs, and more. Learn more at

What’s a Meetup Mashup?
Meetup Mashups are a social experiment. Vancouver is an amalgam of micro-communities, many of which never interact. The intent of Net Impact’s Meetup Mashup series is to bring together disparate groups around speaking events of mutual interest. As the networks interact, the communities connect, and fresh new ideas emerge!

Net Impact
Net Impact is a global network of leaders who are changing the world through business. The Vancouver Net Impact Professional Chapter aims to facilitate opportunities for community impact where business professionals can leverage their skills to affect positive social and environmental change in our local communities. Learn more at

Vancouver Graphic & Communication Design Meetup
The Vancouver Graphic & Communication Design Meetup is a collective of like-minded Vancouver designer folk. We meet monthly to share new ideas, learn valuable skills and to geek out about all things design.


A large thank you to our sponsors.

Octopus Strategies:
You know your mission. We’ll tell your story. We unite passion and pragmatism to build the visionary brands of the 21st century. We help leaders of businesses, charities and social enterprises to catalyze change, accelerate progress, and build a better world. We call it ‘Branding. But bigger.’ Learn more at

Inkslam – Designers Only :
Inkslam – Designers Only is a new system for Canadian Graphic Designers to get cheap online printing and increase their customer revenue potential. Here’s the benefits:
• Automatically get 20% off our already cheap public prices (you can see them on
• Get a discount coupon to give to your customers for 10% off, which they can use on our public store, When they use that, you get 10% of the purchase price.
• Get 1000 coupon cards with your coupon code on them for free.
• Get a swatch deck of our paper stock and coating options after your first order – great for showing your customers!

To find out more and sign up, check out

April Smith of AHA MEDIA is very honored to be a Keynote Speaker at Northern Voice conference 11 at UBC

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April Smith and AHA MEDIA will be presenting  a Keynote Speech at Northern Voice Conference on Friday May 13, 2011

April Smith, Hendrik Beune and Peter Davies make the letters AHA with their fingers while at  Woodwards Housing in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

April is a citizen journalist and co-founder of AHA MEDIA.

“I’m a citizen journalist and co-founder of AHA MEDIA. I have also been involved with W2’s Fearless City Mobile Project – which has presented here at Northern Voice in previous years – and I facilitate social media literacy classes at LifeSkills Centre and Oppenheimer Park.  In my teaching work, I encourage and promote peer training to support education in technology.

I believe, if my neighbors in the Downtown Eastside are able to access communication and technology – as people do in other neighborhoods – I feel it will help create positive change. I know this because it’s helped me create a better life for myself.

I work with W2, which is active in this area of breaking the digital divide and believes access to technology and communication is a human right. For those who have been following, W2 is finally opening a 10,000 square foot community media centre at the Woodward’s Atrium. From this fabulous new space, W2 will help people with their digital storytelling, with a crossmedia lab that broadcasts on CJSF and Coop Radieo, and Novus and Shaw Cable, and the internet.

Programs like Fearless City Mobile and this new media centre put technology in the hands of people and will help more people overcome marginalization by connecting people with society and supporting their self-representation. I know this work is important for transforming people’s lives because it’s where I began. This is my story.

I am cheerleader for positive community building and outreach. Through art, music, and community promotion, I am a self-taught advocate for social justice and positive neighborhood unity. This is really important given that the voices of our marginalized groups are usually mediated by others, rarely do we represent ourselves. Out of W2’s Fearless project was born our social enterprise ” AHA MEDIA.”

AHA MEDIA is a small business that supports social justice by creating spaces for people to represent themselves.

My interests are documentation of daily life in the Downtown Eastside, highlighting the positive, while bringing to light the injustices that occur in the neighborhood.

I have filmed observations, both subversive and situational, over the last 3 years.

Using social media, new media, mobile technology, photos, videos and blogs,  I concentrate on sharing the stories and voices of the otherwise-silenced inner city community. Through our website we reach our neighbors, reach Vancouverites from other neighborhoods, plus a global audience

April Smith, Hendrik Beune and Richard Czaban make the letters AHA with their fingers while at Woodwards Housing in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

I hope to inspire everyone at Northern Voice!