AHA MEDIA was pleased to film Lorraine Murphy at WordCamp Fraser Valley at SFU Surrey Campus

AHA MEDIA was very pleased to film and document Lorraine Murphy of www.raincoaster.com during her presentation at WordCamp Fraser Valley at SFU Surrey Campus


6 WordCamp Fraser Valley 2009 19
AHA MEDIA is proud to have Lorraine Murphy as a good friend and mentor when it comes to social media and blogging with WordPress!

3 April and Lorraine at WCFV

5 April and Lorraine at WCFV standing


Every 20 seconds a new WordPress blog comes online. WordPress is the most used blogging software in the World with millions of users across the globe. It makes creating and managing a blog easy with an intuitive user interface.


This event is for anyone that has an interest in blogging and WordPress in general. Beginners will learn more about what blogging is and what WordPress software can do. Expert WordPress users will be able to network and learn from other expert bloggers


The follow videos are of Lorraine Murphy’s presentation at WordCamp FraserValley 2009 These were  filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA on a Nokia N95 mobile cameraphone. April is passionate and skilled in making Nokia films by exploring mobile media production through the camera lens of a cellphone. For a better quality version of this video, please DM April Smith @AprilFilms on Twitter.

7 WordCamp Fraser Valley 2009 27

8 WordCamp Fraser Valley 2009 28

9 WordCamp Fraser Valley 2009 24


AHA MEDIA says hello to following friends, colleagues and mentors 🙂

Rebecca Bollwitt

John Bollwitt

Gary Jones

Rainer Schmoll

John Biehler

Lorraine Murphy

Raul Pacheco

Dave Zille

Below is Raul Pecheco http://www.hummingbird604.com mentor and good friend of April Smith of AHA MEDIA

4 Raul and April at WCFV

Below is a photo of Peter Davies of AHA MEDIA with Gary Jones of www.bluefur.com

2 Peter and Gary

Thanks to Gary Jones of www.bluefur.com and Rainer Schmoll of www.trbn.com for WordCamp Fraser Valley 2009!  🙂

Below is a photo of John Biehler www.johnbiehler.com photographing April Smith and Lorraine Murphy 🙂

10 April, John and Lorraine at WCFV

Please see all 31 photos on our Flickr


  1. August 24, 2009 at 3:34 am

    Thanks so much for your great work! I’m so glad to have this on video, especially as I’m doing a great deal more public speaking and teaching. Now people can decide whether I suck without having to shell out first!

  2. August 24, 2009 at 7:45 am

    Thank you very much for inviting us! 🙂

    Please think about us the next time you have a function you’d like us to document and provide mobile media! 🙂

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