AHA MEDIA is very proud to introduce a new look to AHA MEDIA’s Website

Welcome to the new look for AHA MEDIA online! 🙂

A sleek new design means faster access to what AHA MEDIA is known for  primarily…

1) Social Media Content Production, Promotion, Documentation and Archiving of Events, Projects and more

2) Hyper Local Citizen Journalism Coverage – A  media outlet for people of  Vancouver and Downtown Eastside  to help tell their own  stories. Through our social media campaigns we aim to bring an awareness to the Social Justice issues that affect our area

AHA MEDIA is proud to be involved in our Vancouver Downtown Eastside Community!  🙂

  • Facilitate others in social media literacy and campaign building
  • Community engagement and outreach with social media
  • Peer advocacy and awareness for our neighborhood residents.
  • Active participation in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside
  • Media representation and speaking engagements

Three upcoming and ongoing projects that AHA MEDIA is involved in

1 ) Filming 3 satirical/parody remakes of a “Holiday themed” song involving residents of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside.

2) Part of W2 Community Media Art’s Fearless City Mobile Project – helping to do livestreaming and engage  with the Downtown Eastside . We  will include their personal thoughts and stories in a very participatory way. http://www.CreativeTechnology.org

3) Being filmed and documented ourselves for With Glowing Hearts, an independent film about social justice, social media, Olympics and the Vancouver Downtown Eastside  http://www.WGHTheMovie.ca

Thanks everyone for supporting AHA MEDIA! We really appreciate it! 🙂

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