Help! @Twitter gave our @April account away!


@April, @AprilFilms @AHAMEDIA are all back up! Thank you so much to our wonderful mentor @raincoaster and @TwitterCanada for all their great help! ♥ ♥



@April and @AprilFilms are now back online. Just waiting for everything to “recalibrate” once it was compromised.

Thank you @Twitter  Just waiting for @AHAMEDIA to be reactivated!



@AprilFilms, @AHAMEDIA, @April are now inactive – Hopefully @Twitter is working on fixing the problem that is affecting millions of other accounts that were hacked!


Imagine our surprise when logging into our @April to post about something very special.. a 1 year anniversary special of something very exciting when we found out that we COULD NOT log into it!! 😦

Cannot log in to @April

So we tried to input our email as a means of verification and still we were not able to access it!

omg april been hacked hard

We noticed with great shock that our @April account that we had registered since 2008, 8 years ago was suddenly taken over by someone, something!!!!

April not hers

Immediately we informed @Twitter  what happened!!

Our precious @April account was given away! HELP!!!

april to do


Apparently we were sent a reactivation email to resurrect our @April @Twitter account on Aug 6 2016 but we never authorized it at all!  Our @April account was never dormant and was previously accessed only two weeks ago approximately. (We have been busy filming out in the streets)

april hacked

Puzzled by this, we turned to our great mentor in social media @raincoaster for advice and we are very much hoping that we will get our @April @twitter handle back. We registered our @April @Twitter handle back in 2008 and we used our @April @twitter handle to showcase our hard work in community engagement of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Help! @Twitter gave our @April account away!

“Dear @Twitter, Please give us back our @April @Twitter account back! Thank you!”

Please share and Retweet!

Thank you!!!!


  1. August 22, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    What is the situation now? They suspended everything with “terrorist” imagery, and the hackers switched your other accounts to that jihadi john image. I hope you get them all back. Like I said, reply to every single email they send you, keep sending them paperwork, report, report, report. You have literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who can verify that account was yours.

  2. August 25, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    All good now, I understand?

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