Lunch with Chief Jim Chu of VPD in Vancouver DTES

January 23, 2015

Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police Jim Chu says:

“Welcome to our fourth DTES Luncheon, This luncheon is funded by the Vancouver Police Foundation. It started from a town hall meeting last June 2014 where we talked about safety in the DTES and how the police are down here talking a lot, trying to improve people’s lives, about how we could make it safe for everyone. One way to assure you and give you our commitment, that we’ll do anything we can to build good relations, to get you to come forward as witnesses to crime, to get you to come forward as victims of crimes is to come here and actually break bread with you. To have a social event where we can have conversations, where we can share stories of our own family lives, about our personal lives and just to have a few smiles and laughs, enjoy the sandwiches and the wonderful food. So it is something I look forward to, we do have more planned”

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