219th DTES Street Market

219th DTES Street Market and 34rd Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

This was the first day of an experimental procedure.

We got all of the volunteers to come in early, and enforce a perimeter around the market.

We used the water hoses to clean the park, and then tried to only let in vendors that had valid membership IDs.

It sort of worked.

The clean up crew came at 7:30am
The RPICs, Greeters, Security guards, and tent crew all came early at 8:00am and got a small bonus for the trouble.

The main issue is that vendors were not prepared for the fact that they would have to move out of the area, and resisted. They were also quite surprised when we restricted access to those that had vendor membership tags. This is despite the fact that we had been postering the area consistently for a month.

We will try again next week.

The tragic collapse of the Merchant Bank building put a damper on our operations.
The fence went around the grassy area, thus denying us access to power. This prevents our use of the freezer, and thus dampens our profits somewhat…

On the whole, a fully successful market with lots of activity and happy vendors and customers.


0 219th DTES Street Market on Sun Aug 17 2014

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