215th DTES Street Market

215th DTES Street Market and 30th Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

The day was slightly rainy, with on and off showers throughout the day.
The usual chalking did not get done due to the wetness of the park and sidewalks.

The rain was not intense enough to keep away the vendors, however, with over 140 vendors counted at noon.

The market was very successful today, with only one scuffle that happened over in the drinker’s lounge area of the park.

We also had a disagreement between two vendors, which resulted in the confiscation of a possible weapon (an ice climbing pick).

Other upgrades that were made were the addition of more hanging tarps along the east side of Carrall St., with 11 tarps hanging this Sunday.

Total numbers to complete the Art Mural is approximately 20 tarps along the Greenway.
It was amazing to see what a great job the 11 tarps are already doing to keep the Greenway clear..

Another 34 vendors signed up for badges during the day, with our total number of badges now up to about 110.
The board voted to create a deadline of August 17th when the vendors will be required to wear badges in order to vend at the market.

We are still waiting for our new uniforms, but they should be here in a week or two.

0 215th DTES Street Market in Vancouver


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