206th DTES Street Market and 20th Street Market of 2014

206th DTES Street Market and 20th Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

It was an amazing sunny day.
This was our Victoria Day market.

Like last week, we had an overflow of vendors, and needed to get out our hose and start washing the area around the corner on Cordova St.
We sent some volunteers to check on it at 11:30 and did not see any vendors. By 12:30 we already had an angry email from Steven, the manager of the Van Horne about having to get the hose out himself and chase the binners away. They were blocking the Queen store again.
We took the hose out and made sure that the binners did not come back. A number of exchanges between the coordinators and the Van Horne people suggested that they were happy with the outcome.

We did have an incident with one of the illicit drinkers getting out of hand. We were forced to resolve the issue ourselves.

0 206th DTES Street Market

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