202nd DTES Street Market and 16th Street Market of 2014

202nd DTES Street Market and 16th Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

Ah, yes… the 4:20 market.

Easter Sunday at Pigeon Park.

The weather was cloudy and we got a little rain, but not too much to spoil a great market.

Total vendors at noon was 150 – down mostly due to the weather, but also probably due to the crowd of people assembled at the Art Gallery today enjoying a special Easter egg hunt.

As for our lot at 62 East Hastings St….

We gained access to the lot on October 1, 2013 – which means that it has now been 200 days since the City of Vancouver gave us that lot and we do not have the 4 things that they promised us that they would give us in order for us to run a market there. Those four things are: Power, Water, Bathrooms, Garbage.
It does not seem like an impossible task…

Despite the overcast weather, the market went extremely well.

We only had one incident – one of the illicit drinkers started fighting our volunteers and we had to call the cops. After the police arrived, the drinker started threatening and fighting with them. I have a feeling he won’t be getting out of jail very soon.

We also had a very cute little girl handing out Easter messages.

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