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200th DTES Street Market and 14th Street Market of 2014


200th DTES Street Market and 14th Street Market of 2014

Roland Clarke, Coordinator of the DTES Street Market says:

This Sunday was a momentous milestone in the history of the Downtown Eastside.

The DTES Street Market at Pigeon Park celebrated it’s 200th event. We believe that this is the longest running event in DTES history (in terms of event days).

For this milestone, it was a glorious day. Sunny, but not too hot. A beautiful spring day.

Early setup was good, most of the vendors waited until about 9 or so to start displaying their goods. We had early police presence, and two officers help us by confiscating someone selling bullets. This is definitely not something we want at our market.

Security Radios – 469.9625 MHz

Today was the first day we used our donated motorola PBR40 radios on our new official frequency of 469.9625 MHz that we obtained from Industry Canada. It helped a lot, and the RPIC’s got a lot of training on how to communicated effectively on radio. Tips like – speak slowly, identify yourself, identify who you are calling, etc…  very cool. There were a few instances where we could definitely see that it improved our communication and our ability to rapidly respond. Jacek has to go back to his SRO room in the morning several times to make coffee and hot chocolate for the day. While he was at home, and I was in Pigeon Park, we could still communicate. 4 Watts of awesome fun!



Bread and Wheelbarrows

Before 9am in the morning, one of the vendors – Saed, from Afganistan, gave us a gift of bread. Many volunteers enjoyed the bread, and some was given away to passer’s by.


We also bought a cheap wheel barrow from a vendor for our new garden project. Carolyn Lair has helped us with this project, and we decided to buy it for $10 despite the grant money not being available yet. Her approval was key in making this decision.

Kurt Cobain

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I am not” – Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died April 5th, 1994, 20 years minus one day from the date of this market. In honour of the Washingtonian, we played Nirvana all day on our PA system.


Electric scooter charging station

Early in the day a man came up to our tent. He had heard that we had access to power now at Pigeon Park and asked if he could charge his electric scooter. We said yes. We felt that this was 100% in keeping with the Greenest City initiative, and helped the guy out a lot.

Lord’s Rain

During the day, many of our volunteers take a break and wander up to the Lord’s Rain church for refreshments and prayer. One of our volunteers said that the new pastor expressed her heartfelt and sincerest thanks for clearing the area in front of their church. There are moments like this that make me believe that there is hope, and that we actually can all get along.

Celebration of life for Reverend Barry

On April 12th, 11am at Coastal Church (1160 West Georgia St.) there will be a celebration of life for Barry Babcook. He certainly touched our lives at the DTES Street Market and many of us plan to go to the event.

Injury Report

We had one gentleman that collapsed and needed an ambulance. He seemed intoxicated, and fell and cracked his head on the sidewalk. Slight bleeding around the ear lead us to call immediately and attend to the man. The ambulance ended up calling the drunk tank since his injuries did not warrant hospital but they did not feel comfortable releasing him.

Financial Report

1) Table/Tent Rental = $126.00

2) Coffee/Pop Sales = $130.00

3) 50/50 Raffle = $38.50

4) Donation Sales = $8.00

Total revenue = $302.50

Total spending for the week = $124.97

Profit for the week = $177.53


Total petty cash now = $555.21


Vendor Report

We had 197 vendors at noon this Sunday. Quite an excellent turn out for our 200th event day at Pigeon Park. With rotation, this probably means well over 400 individual vendors use the park for some period of time throughout the day.


Bathroom Usage Report

From 10am-1pm we had 96 people use the two portable bathrooms.

From 1pm – 4pm we had 104 people use the two portable bathrooms

Total usage was 200 on our 200th event day. Magic is on our side.


200 uses for two porta-potties in a 6 hour period translates to 1.8 minutes on average for each bathroom use, or 3.6 minutes between each use for each individual portable bathroom.


It is very likely that these bathrooms are being used at capacity during our event.



0 DTES Street Market 200th on Sun Apr 6 2014

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