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AHA MEDIA is very proud to support DTES Street Market’s Indiegogo campaign in Vancouver



Street Market logo 1

The DTES Street Market takes place at Pigeon Park every Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

It is a volunteer run non-profit enterprise that started as a protest against the vending tickets being handed out in the DTES (Downtown Eastside of Vancouver) by the Vancouver Police.

The market provides free vending space for the most marginalized and impoverished groups.

One third of our vendors are women, many current or former sex trade workers, one half are native, a significant minority are from the Chinese retirement community, and many are either homeless or under-housed in the infamous nearby SROs (Single Room Occupancy Hotels).

Over the course of a year, on Sundays only, the market provides over $500,000 of direct economic injection into this low income population by merely providing a free place for them to sell their binned items.

We also estimate that over 20 tonnes of waste is removed from landfills by the recycling efforts of Vancouver’s industrious binners.

Below is the DTES Street Market promo video that AHA MEDIA produced 🙂

0 AHA MEDIA logo

What We Are Asking for: We want to expand the market to more days per week at our new location at 62 East Hastings. The City of Vancouver has provided us with a lot, but no additional funding to run a market there. 10 62 East Hastings We estimate that it will cost an additional $700 per day to run the market at 62 East Hastings. This will provide a minimal stipend for the volunteers to work at the market, picking up trash, registering vendors and setting up the tents and tables. It will also pay for portable bathrooms for the site, as well as garbage pickup. Here is a detailed breakdown of our estimated expenses:

62 East Hastings $693.90
Coordinators $210.00
RPICs $189.00
Marshalls $49.00
Tent Crew $40.00
Sandwiches + Coffee $40.00
Garbage $45.45
Bathrooms $120.45

8 Richard and Jacek

7 Shelter from the Rain

The Impact: This budget of $693.90 would pay for one day of operation per week. We would like to go for 3 days per week for a trial period of six months. This takes us to $18,000 total cost ($693.90 X 4.33 X 6). Thank you for Supporting the Street Market

Please click here to donate to DTES Street Market’s Indiegogo Campaign

If you are in Vancouver on a Sunday, please stop by the corner of Carrall St., and Hastings St., and visit Pigeon Park to find a deal and help out the local vendors.
9 Selling at the Street Market
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