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AHA MEDIA’s video for Vancouver Minute video contest by Vancouver Courier

Help Me Understand the Heart of our Downtown Eastside (DTES) community in Vancouver

Beauty is only skin deep “they say”… in the civilized world

In the “uncivilized world” look a little deeper,

Than what meets the eye…

There is more unity in this community,

Than you may think!

Henny – B


Help me understand…

Women are the most vulnerable,

It is important that we remember…

Never thought I would feel this way,

I committed crimes when I needed.

Tired of being hungry and poor…

84 dollars please!

Now I run!

Hunger Strike,

Day 14?

Heart of the City: Share, Hope, Respect, Home!

Everyday is a gift

Live in the DTES,

Understand the DTES!

– – VPD dances with community – –

We Won!!! InSite Won: Insight Won!

AHA MEDIA helps us understand

W2, Victory Square,



New Media,

Social Media…


Got Gear, Good to Go!

Puppy is here…

Carnegie Centre is here

AHA MEDIA right here!

Community is…

Always here,

In the Heart of the City! ❤

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