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24th Oppenheimer Park Film Industry Dinner in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

24th Oppenheimer Park Christmas Dinner

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 12:00 Noon

In 1988 The Oppenheimer Park Christmas Dinner began and in 1992 the Oppenheimer Park Christmas fund was created. Over our two-decade history we’ve served over 3,000 meals each and every year, and created a very special Christmas tradition in the Downtown Eastside, complete with a visit from Santa and small gifts including new socks, gloves and packages of toiletries. This has been accomplished with the support of hundreds of volunteers, as well as donations of cash and services from the film industry community and local businesses. This year we need your help again and hope you can join us!

The last few years have been particularly challenging. As the financial climate changes, especially in our industry, it has become harder for supporters to maintain their contributions at the levels of prior years. Last year, through our “digital launch” and the addition of Paypal, we were very fortunate to obtain the support of more individuals and several new suppliers and were able to run the event at the same scale as prior years – complete with all the special extras. We hope that this year will repeat that same level of sponsorship and support!


  1. hennyab
    December 27, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    That looks so good! I missed it this year, but from past experience I know that it was very much appreciated by all the local residents! Thank you film crew and have a wonderful New Year!


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