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The New Paradigm of Business

Jordan Bober is the co-founder of Vancouver’s Seedstock Community Currency Project and a board member of the Village Vancouver Transition Society as well as the Green Party of Vancouver. An economist by education, Jordan has dedicated himself to taking action to help bring about a more vibrant and resilient local economy in Vancouver, believing this to be the key to a freer, more sustainable, resilient, and liveable world.

Wes Regan is a founding board member of the Vancouver Urban Farming Society and sits on the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Small Business Advisory Committee. Working in the field of sustainable community economic development since 2009, he is currently the Executive Director of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association and is Vice-President of Urban Stream Innovation, an award winning greentech startup specializing in waste-to-resource food technology systems for urban and remote communities. Wes holds degrees in Geography from Langara College and Simon Fraser University where he also completed the SFU Certificate in Urban Studies and still holds the university record for fastest sprint holding coffee and books from the Cornerstone building to West Mall Complex. 

Before Dave Pollard resigned from the industrial growth economy in 2010, he had spent 35 years advising entrepreneurs on starting and running a business, innovation, research, sustainability, coping with complexity, and the effective use of knowledge and social media, and his book Finding the Sweet Spot: A Natural Entrepreneur’s Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work was published in 2008. He is currently working with the Transition Network and New Economies movement in several cities.

Host and Moderator

Elias Arjan is a lifelong entrepreneur and marketing ninja, who started his first company at 19. After a successful career in sales and communication he became disenchanted with the mainstream business world and has been seeking a new paradigm of business ever since. The crash of 2008 and the years of upheaval that have followed, encouraged Elias to explore how moral, ethical and spiritual values could be applied to the business world and global society in general. In 2011 he started Inovizion Consulting synthesizing Eastern and Western philosophy with the cutting edge of persuasion, sales, marketing and business systems to participate in the new paradigm of global enterprise.

Communications counsel Sheri Wisnowski develops integrated marketing and ‘prime’ relations paths for entrepreneurs, social-profits and corporate firms. Within a career that has spanned web 1.0 development to global brand marketing to local community consultation to media-wrangling for social causes and crisis situations, Sheri brings clarity and collaboration to conversations and story-writing. An interest in integrity outages and the energetic impact of the unspoken has led her to learn how to create, and how to help clients acquire a taste for reality and compassion amidst complex knowledge-managing and profit-making.

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    September 25, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Good work, April! It is important that we post this!

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