Inner City Economic Strategy at W2 Media Cafe on Sat Sept 22 12-5pm in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

  • The Inner City Economic Strategy seeks to bring together the residents of the community, with other residents, businesses, service providers and all levels government.The City of Vancouver is committed to working with the community to create a comprehensive economic strategy which seeks to empower the residents of the Downtown Eastside.

    Unique populations have to be considered, women, Aboriginal, youth, immigrant and the aging population. This event is open to everybody who wants to contribute to taking ownership over this strategy.

    We know we have to collectively develop an ongoing strategy with projects that have real positive outcomes for the residents of the Downtown Eastside and inner-city neighbourhoods.

    How do we build a sustainable community which enhances the local economy? What type of education, training and employment strategies do we envision? What mix of businesses can we collectively advocate for? How do we get a City of Vancouver procurement policy that supports our collective goals? What opportunities already exist that need nurturing and advancement? Who is already doing this work? How can you get active with social media for your own project, cause or business? Participate, learn tips!

    Presenters from local businesses and interested groups. Lunch and organic will be provided.

    Display tables showcasing efforts for inclusive economic development will be featured in the Woodward’s Atrium including ALIVE, ICNC, W2, RayCam, and others. We welcome others to this inclusive event!

    See you at 12 noon on Saturday!

    Facebook Event 

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