PNE – Pacific National Exhibition 2012

Peter of AHA MEDIA says

The PNE, a great institution older than most people in Vancouver. Last weekend I went there with a friend to enjoy the sights (didnt get a ride pass, I get sick on those) and eat those little doughnuts!

We started off eating some food, trying a Deep Fried Mars Bar, sumptuous chicken from Henry’s BBQ, and popcorn shrimp.  Great food!

Next was the world-famous Superdogs. From dancing to Frisbee catching, these dogs were awesome. Afterwards, we even got to go down and meet the dogs; there was one dog there bigger than myself, he was massive.

From Superdogs, we went to the animal barns, so many neat animals. From huge cows and Clydesdale horses to tiny rabbits and even smaller bees. The baby ducks were especially cute.

Next stop was the Peking Acrobats who performed many amazing stunts, one of them even stacked 10 (or more, I didnt count but it was a lot) chairs into one giant tower then did handstands at the top, amazing! Unfortunately, after the acrobats,we had to leave.

We did leave with many great memories and some very delicious mini donuts. Speaking of donuts, the stand where we stand there and watch as the machine deep fried the delicious rings of goodness and then they were scooped up by the attendant and bagged for your pleasure. We had 5 bags of them.

See you next year PNE!! 🙂

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