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Dognapper Foiled by Good Samaritans in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

Christine of AHA MEDIA writes:

A young bearded man about 5’7, 140 pounds wearing a black hoodie, brown pants attempted to steal a brown and black brindle pitbull outside of The Woodwards Atrium between W2 and Nesters.

The dog barked and growled at the dognapper as he tried to untie the leash wrapped around the bicycle rack.

The pitbull is a very familiar sight in the neighborhood as he is usually a friendly happy dog socializing with others.

The young man, angry at the attention the dog’s barks were drawing started kicking the dog!

The dog howled and lunged at his would be dognapper to protect himself from being taken away from his owner.

Hearing the dog’s anxious barking, two concerned shoppers stopped and shouted at the dognapper to let the dog go!

This attempted dognapping was narrowly avoided with the intervention of two good Samaritans, one being a woman who discovering what was happening, produced pepper spray and threatened to call police.

At first the would be dog thief  cursed and taunted the the good Samaritan as he challenged her to call the police. He quickly  he realized that she was serious about using the pepper spray and dialing 911, he escaped through the Woodwards Atrium.

The woman in yellow remarked ” I work with Pit Bulls, I don’t want to see this dog be abused by a thief”

The dog’s rightful owner came out shortly after and was informed how close he came to losing his dog.

With dog food and treats in his shopping bag,  the  owner was very relieved and thanked the Good Samaritans for   protecting his dog.

A happy ending to an attempted dog napping in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)

This story is a good warning to all dog owners:

Do not leave your dogs tied up un-attended. This is a an unsafe practice and puts your dog at danger of being stolen.

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